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Auto insurance in N.B. likely to see double-digit increases in 2020: experts

Car insurance rates are likely to see a hike this year, according to experts.

New Brunswick’s consumer advocate for insurance says rate percentage increases could jump by double digits, with several applications before the province’s insurance board. 442 more words


Little Orphan Annie, Again

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Pictorama readers know that Little Orphan Annie has made a few appearances in posts recently and that with Kim reading his way through the strip that Deitch Studio has been immersing itself in many, if not all, things Orphan Annie. 840 more words

Medicare for All


Nothing is ever free, even if democratic socialist declare it to be. The government has no money, it’s all the citizens who have it taken from them to be given away for votes.

Private health premium increases might be the lowest in years, but that doesn't mean they're justified

Those facing large price increases might drop or downgrade their cover.
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Nathan Kettlewell, University of Technology Sydney

Every year private health insurers raise premiums and every year we rue the hit to our hip pocket. 888 more words


The Cost of Healthcare in America

As the US presidential election race grinds onward, the issue of the nation’s healthcare system—or, rather, the lack of it—has been getting some airplay. I recently saw a video of people in the UK being asked what they think health care actually costs in the States. 2,287 more words

Writing, Robbery and Reinsurance

I had a go at writing my autobiography yesterday. It didn’t start off like that, but an hour later that was the result.

After receiving a quote from my car insurance provider, a number which I initially mistook for the National Debt of a medium-sized member of the UN, I decided it was time to take action. 240 more words

Smooth as Glass Savings

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Today isn’t quite a toy post, but I guess we could label it a premium post, which is a genre I explore not infrequently, usually in my quest for interesting cat related items. 887 more words