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Cassandra Complex

30 years ago today, the Space Shuttle Challenger fell out of the sky on its way to the stars. Much like the assassination of JFK, if you were alive and remotely aware of current events at the time, you almost certainly recall where you were when it happened. 1,271 more words


Broncos, Panthers, Intuition and Premonitions

This came in from STEVE – about the Super Bowl and Intuition, and I would also add – Premonitions.  Thanks for writing in! If you have any thoughts, let’s hear them… 295 more words


Reign Eternal Release "The Amendment" Music Video

Metalcore quintet Reign Eternal has released a new music video single, “The Amendment” off their debut EP Premonitions. The UK based band released Premonitions last month which also featured their popular single, … 265 more words


Reign Eternal "Premonitions" Album Review

Reign Eternal’s new EP “Premonitions” makes a powerful impact from the intro all the way to the last song “Sins Of Epitaph.” Each song packs a hard punch and is filled with strong beats and even more resilient lyrics. 211 more words


navigating the new year

Last night was new year’s eve. I did not imbibe and I did not weep. I simply slowed down and took the time to “just be”.   253 more words

2014 / 2015 Housekeeping - Pt. 1

Let’s just say I’ve fallen behind on putting up book reviews. I mean, behind. We’re talking 10 books from 2014 and 3 from 2015… 1,469 more words


Tripping in My Sleep -- Elaina - 12/31/2015

Tripping in My Sleep

December 31, 2015

The brain is a wild and mysterious thing. Yesterday morning as I struggled to wake up, I lay in that quasi sleep state where you know you’re sleeping and dreaming, but you’re also aware of your surroundings. 576 more words