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Learning to Understand My Dreams

I came across a flyer advertising a course on astral travel and dreams in the year 2000 by Belsebuub. I was so excited and could not wait to attend due to a strong interest in the topic that stems from my cultural background where dreams are seen as an important means to information that could not be obtained otherwise and are believed to be prophetic. 905 more words

Importance Of Dreams


never-never land

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whispers of the soul

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Finding Out My Grandmother Passed Away through a Dream Visitation

I woke up one night after a dream of my grandmother — a dream that felt like a clear visitation from the other side, which was quite surprising since as far as I knew my grandmother was still alive and well. 1,058 more words

Importance Of Dreams

Gender Reveal Party!!

October 14th was a rainy Friday morning, as I sat in the waiting room of the Women’s Clinic eagerly anticipating them to call my name. It was the day of my 20 week ultrasound and the day we were finally able to out the gender of our child. 781 more words

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God is Bigger Than We Think

A tragic accident after a series of premonitions and anxious prayer. Is God real or is life coincidental? Does God care or are all things just random? 830 more words


A Dream Premonition of My Job in the Library

Using simply the technique Belsebuub teaches of not moving upon waking and starting to remember dreams has helped immensely in getting not only personal and spiritual insight and help from my dreams, but also practical mundane things in my daily life too. 714 more words

Importance Of Dreams

Lincoln's Premontions of Death

According to Ward Lamon, Marshal of Washington and a former law partner of Abraham Lincoln, three days before his assassination, Lincoln spoke about a strange dream that he had: 735 more words