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Since moving to Haida Gwaii I discovered abilities I did not know I had, and I partly attribute to the spiritual place I reside and having no distractions around me, and listening more to my intuition. 242 more words


a tub as a toilet....

WTF….really?  simply gross.

Dreamt about shitting and pissing in the bathtube. WTF.  Yep ……….I was…. . shitting and pissing in the bathtub.  Not only that but the BYFD decided to get in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 32 more words


April 2 dreams come true, and more dreams.....

Alligator to monkey is the new movie Monkey Kingdom that just came out….I saw the previews for it 4/11.  I used to have a monkey as a kid so of course I love monkeys… 204 more words



I could be wrong
But I think I just felt
The beginning of the end
Of my relationship…

Odd how stuff hits you
And you just know.



Déjà vu 

Déjà vu is prominent in my daily life at the mo.

I appear to have this “omg this has happened before” moment. And then it’s as if something tells me to act now or it will have the terrible outcome that it has in my memory. 102 more words

Dog shot,alligator to monkey,me a yogi, and another fire.

Ha, this reminds me of a tv channel lineup of shows in one night.

In an upstairs city room with people. A guy yelling outside the window below, we all look out ,he points a gun at us an shots a bunch of times, i get shot but still moving and so does my moms dog. 297 more words


Next In My Bookbag: (Mis)fortune by Melissa Haag (Judgement of the Six Series)

This book focuses on Melissa, another woman of the Six. Like Gabby from Hope(less), there is something different about Melissa. That difference has caused Melissa and her brothers to be held captive for four years. 267 more words