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Diagnosed with a terminal illness
called life, I know it will end in death.
For more than seventy years, that end
has lived within me, walked beside me, 73 more words

Twits or Tweets

Twits or Tweets
(A Roger’s Rant)

Poor poets of today
sweet birds reduced
one hundred and forty letters
the song you tweet

oh twitter away your tune… 105 more words


Damnatus / Doomed

‘Poor poets of today: condemned to be nothing more than the dry dust of an unread doctoral thesis.’ They languish, empty headed, in dark rooms, those poets, hunched over their computers, waiting fr someone or something to fill up their heads. 557 more words


I think I’m going to go blind.

Not now, but soon. Probably not too soon. Maybe in my 40s or 50s if I still get to live such a generous bulk of years, considering I’m that kind of person who might just not live to see my beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch turn 92, let alone 70, courtesy of an expected heart attack, cardiac arrest or whatever ASD complication post-asymptomatic period there is. 1,840 more words

Brain Farts Verion 2.0

Mist at Jarea

Kingsbrae 25.2
25 June 2017

Mist at Jarea

Moving in with the tide,
drawing gauze curtains
over the islands,
climbing, so silent,
pebbles and rocks… 70 more words

Three Pennies

She was neither here nor there

In debate in another tongue

Tearing out the IVs

With savage, no more of this.

The soul does not just leave; 157 more words


Lack of Sleep

Today I am suffering the effects of lack of sleep.  It was probably 3am before I got to sleep last night or should I say this morning.  309 more words