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1985: Poor Man’s Steak

I spy an angry woman behind us in line at the Grand Union. I turn away as her eyes meet mine.

Dad busily chats with the cashier. 608 more words

Seeing People from Lucid Dreams.

I’ve been practicing Lucid Dreaming every night for the past few weeks and recently I’ve been seeing people and conversations a few days or weeks before they happen. 48 more words

A Toasted Benediction

Kate awoke with a gasp, as the pulse surged through veins, and wiped the perspiration beads from her forehead. Tried to swallow the dry lump as she blinked at the red numbers, trapped in that space between asleep and awake. 468 more words

Creative Writing

What I'm hearing now

Here I am again with another instance of having a thought and then it happening. Today I was reading some in a book and I had a particular name of a character come up in my mind. 720 more words

Dream Diary & Documented Premonitions

Below, you will find excerpts from both my Dream Diary and personal journal. I am sharing these intensely personal glimpses with you, in efforts for you to see what my life is like, and how different premonitions and messages present. 3,585 more words

The Supernatural


So I had a very weird premonition a couple of times when I was getting into my car this week.  I thought I was going to get hit from behind by a car.   417 more words


Truck attack

In Nice there was a truck attack Thursday evening. I had premonitions related to the address and truck. Feels bad. I wish I could use my premonitions better, to help out, but they are so swift and I am getting better, but I do not know how to sort it and put it together. 32 more words

Bad Things