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Book Review: Loving Night by Brynette Turner


In Loving Night, Brynette Turner deftly crafts a well-paced suspense story that allows the readers to experience the criminal underworld through the surveillance by the FBI, particularly through one of its star agents Chaz. 445 more words

Book Review

In tune

It’s said that women possess a strong sense of intuition. I agree with this one hundred and ten percent. I’ve had a knack for being able to read people so easily. 471 more words


Long lost friend

I dreamt intense dreams about communicating with a person who has been absent for a long time. When I woke up it was all that was on my mind, hearing from this old friend seemed to have completely occupied my sleeping mind last night. 75 more words

My Interview With Billie Jo That was a Mistake

Last week, Billie Jo Payne told me that she was doing a podcast with the newspaper. It was something new they were trying out and she wanted me to be her first guest. 965 more words


Deja Vu

Deja vu is a French term meaning “already seen”. It basically describes the feeling one gets when they’re experiencing a current situation even though they know that it has never happened before. 363 more words



Do you believe in premonitions? I do not! Well, I did not.

When life flows fast like a river, time is too precious to waste on otherworldly stuff. 274 more words


Premonitions by Jamie Schultz Redux

I read this one last year, and in anticipation of the sequel, decided to take another crack at it over my vacation. On the whole, I’ll stand by what I said below — that’s about what I’d say about it today if I was starting from scratch. 1,129 more words