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Dreams... or Premonitions?

Dreams come in many forms. For some people, dreams occur like random flashes of broken images while other individuals may experience visuals that are in-depth with extreme detail. 435 more words


"After twenty years I have seen her": A ghost story for Mother's Day: 1885


In the month of September, 1885, my mother was living and, seemingly, in good health, and likely to live for many years longer. 1,061 more words

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I've Already Seen The Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Sometimes I have dreams that inform me about the future.

This is the most unsettling dream I have ever had: in it, I am nine years old (as I was in real life at the time I dreamt it) and I am walking on a simple wooden dock leading out into a lake. 627 more words

Sports Sports Sports

sound in color.

“loving so deeply i’m in over my head” – alabama shakes

like cherry rings to the night,
i am loving you under the
stories we have yet to tell… 52 more words

X-file (Unexplained phenomena)

(Dream & Reality)

My Honey and I and our young daughter were on a Triumph motorcycle. Our progress was slowed because our daughter kept getting off the motorcycle to pick up bunnies along the road. 158 more words


The snake

Yep dreamt it this morning 4am ….a rattle snake in a country shop.  Why?? i said to myself when I woke up. Oh ya i remembered…dummy your gona see one. 230 more words

Journal Entries


Since moving to Haida Gwaii I discovered abilities I did not know I had, and I partly attribute to the spiritual place I reside and having no distractions around me, and listening more to my intuition. 242 more words