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2014-2015 Preparation and Premonitions

I’ve been feeling unsettled today and a bit upset. My heart and solar plexus are both indicating that I am resisting something. I am shaking a bit right now, probably from all the information that I am resisting allowing to come through. 1,429 more words


Premonitions of the New Year: 2017

power is internal,

it must be since our worlds begin within

and grow out, eventually touching

others, causing them to participate.

“the power of perception.” 57 more words

My Dream Premonition of My Grandmother's Death

I’ve been having premonitions throughout my life (since childhood) but had no formal understanding of why I would have such experiences on a regular basis back then. 441 more words


Oh, To Dream

Recently I had a conversation regarding dreams. Well, actually, I seem to have these often. I am a firm believer in dreams. First, to clarify, I am talking about the dreams people have while sleeping, not the dreams, aspirations and goals for out lives. 814 more words

DL Bach

The Need To Have An Open Mind

Freak snow storm which took out power for three days, October 24, 2013. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Last week I spoke about snow storms and power outages, which I had informed my mother about a few months ago. 454 more words


Dream Diary - Beneath The Waking mind

If sleep is ‘little death’ are dreams then an afterlife?

Painting credit copyright Aditya Dogra.

I have not logged about the early morning dreams or premonitions in some time. 1,892 more words