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Consider Your Drinking Now, Not Later, If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

There’s a good idea buried in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent bungled message about alcohol and pregnancy: Women are typically pregnant for at least a few weeks before they know it.

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Folic Acid During Early Pregnancy May Lower the Risk of Autism

We all know that taking folic acid before and during early pregnancy helps prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida and anencephaly. But I for one was surprised to learn that taking folic acid may also help prevent autism. 1,335 more words


Prenatal Vitamins

This may not be a post that everyone is dying to read, but if you’re anything like me (pregnant for the first time and unsure of a lot) this may be just up your alley! 736 more words


Prenatal Vitamins for Each Step of Pregnancy

The needs of pregnant women vary, and can sometimes change during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. To help women obtain optimal nutrition, the Prenate® Vitamin Family offers supplement choices specifically tailored to a range of needs throughout pregnancy. 873 more words

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New Moms need Special Care, too.

I am sitting in Chef Adam’s kitchen as I write this. A certain young man by the name of Shiloh was born July 1, and now I am  “Nana”. 376 more words

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What's for Dinner

Since we’ve put aside the condoms, I have been more concerned about what I should eat, now that I will be housing a little one. However, that being said, last night we went to a all-you-can eat buffet with a chocolate fountain and a candy bar. 284 more words

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Best Iron Supplements For Women

New Ferretts Chewable Iron Supplement Prenatal Vitamins with DHA, gluten free and non-constipating Supplements For A Healthy Lifestyle. Iron is a mineral that is an essential constituent of blood and muscle, and is required for the transport of oxygen (this is why liquid iron provides such good absorption). 405 more words