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Are prenatal vitamins a waste of money?

Last week the news that pregnant women don’t need vitamin supplements seemed to be all over social media. The articles were based on this review article… 682 more words

A Simple Guide To Prenatal Supplements

Ensuring you get enough vitamins and minerals is always a good idea, and never more so than during pregnancy. But what vitamins and minerals should we be looking for and how will they boost ours and our unborn baby’s health? 629 more words

Reality check: Do pregnant women need a daily multivitamin? Research says they’re ‘wasting money’

Many pregnant women take multivitamins during their pregnancy to make sure they have a healthy baby. But are they wasting their money?

New research is casting doubt on the value of multivitamins for pregnant women and their growing babies. 550 more words


Already guilty about being a bad parent?

I’ve seen so many posts, and read so many blogs, on the subject of guilt.

Things us mothers feel guilty for, even before our baby is born. 413 more words

Preparing For Life during Pregnancy

Even though you’re pregnant and your body is already undergoing miraculous changes, your day-to-day life goes on. How will you need to change your lifestyle in order to make your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible? 609 more words


Vegan Prenatal Vitamins

I sometimes get asked about vegan prenatal vitamins so want to write about what ones I take.  These are available in Ireland and the UK but I can’t recommend any brands that are available in other countries unfortunately. 389 more words

Raising Vegan Kids

Natural Vegan Prenatal Tablets

I don’t talk about this often but I am vegan, and into all things natural/organic, so you can imagine how chuffed I was when I came across the… 180 more words