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Prenuptial Agreements - Because There's No Such Thing As a Fairytale Marriage

You’re a world-class fashion model on a photo shoot for Italian Vogue in Machu Picchu. After the shoot, an incredibly handsome tour guide, his beautiful brown eyes radiating softness, offers to show you a nearby sacred site. 713 more words

Why should Colorado couples consider prenuptial agreements?

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Some people in the Colorado Springs area enter into their marriages with assets of their own. Other couples may be just starting out, and they build their wealth as they build their lives together. 519 more words

Fool Me Once...

You’re thinking about walking down the aisle, again. “Here Comes The Bride” is playing in your mind..da-dum-da-dum, da-dum-da-dum. Or, is it just dumb. Like childbirth, somehow we forget all the pain from the first time around and believe that this time will be different. 760 more words

Save Money On Divorce

Marriage and Money

Last night Mrs Lakendary and I finally had a serious talk about finances after a month and a half of marriage.

Before we got married we sort of agreed that each will do with his/her money as they please. 505 more words

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Do prenuptial agreements simplify a divorce?

For individuals who have a prenuptial agreement, or are thinking about getting one, they often wonder whether or not the prenuptial agreement will simplify the divorce?   372 more words


Prenuptial Agreements vs. The Sacred Union

Last week I chimed in on the show Total Empowerment that is hosted by Family Healing Circles’ own Angela Hardy—Prenuptial Agreements…For or Against…Hmmmm????   This topic sparked an interest in me so much that I felt compelled to add my voice to the conversation. 1,004 more words


Should Prenuptial Agreements Be Mandatory Prior To Entering Any Marriage?

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