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Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements in New Jersey

Premarital agreements, also called “prenuptial” or “postnuptial” agreements in some states, are contracts made between prospective spouses considering marriage, which become effective at the time of the marriage. 600 more words


Technologically, love and law are harder than ever

This past weekend, when I had a few spare moments, I was perusing the terms of use of my Snapchat account.

What, doesn’t everyone do that… 608 more words

Change Of Venue

Merging Finances When Getting Married

Getting married can become a little complicated at the beginning especially if you have not anticipated and assessed your financial situations. Whether you like it or not, you really need to come to terms on this one since you are already bound by a legal union. 331 more words


Prenuptial Agreements - Because There's No Such Thing As a Fairytale Marriage

You’re a world-class fashion model on a photo shoot for Italian Vogue in Machu Picchu. After the shoot, an incredibly handsome tour guide, his beautiful brown eyes radiating softness, offers to show you a nearby sacred site. 713 more words

Handle common law marriage with a Relationship Agreement

This column first appeared in the Express News on June 29, 2016.

Dear Mr. Premack: I am widowed, and have recently met a wonderful woman. 497 more words


Will Lawmakers Find Compromise on Alimony Reform?

New Jersey lawmakers agree that the state’s alimony laws need an overhaul, however, they will need to reach a compromise in order to come up with a solution. 522 more words

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How do Pre-Nuptial Agreements really work?

Many people seem to associate “pre-nups” with celebrities. However entering into pre-nups (known more formally as Financial Agreements) is now becoming increasingly common for couples who are marrying or living together in second or third relationships or where one of the couple has already accumulated substantial assets which they wish to protect if the relationship breakdown in the future.

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