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In this chill grey Saturday in Hamburg, I’m gonna share about my past experience in making a prenuptial agreement (perjanjian pra-nikah). It sounds like I’m a celebrity or what hahaha making a prenup. 858 more words

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Tips To Finding A Great Lawyer For Your Case

Although lawyers may not have a good reputation, they play an important role in society. Lawyers do important work that helps keep the wheels of the societal machine greased. 600 more words

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Prenuptial agreements are critical for today’s short term marriages. I write many prenuptial agreements and I still can’t believe how many others do not obtain a prenup before getting married. 621 more words

Top Jersey City Divorce Lawyers

(Episode 9) Black Widow

It was at noon, the weather outside was hot and humid. But in Alhaji’s bedroom, it was chilly because the air conditioner was switched on. The tall, dark Fulani man laid on his bed, in deep thoughts. 1,584 more words

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A Little Humor on Prenups from SNL

Here’s Bill Murray in Nov. of 1979 and the reason it’s funny is because even in 1979 there’s truth…

Marriage is Not to be Undertaken Lightly

Depending on whether you believe in God or practice a faith based religion your views will differ on this subject. There is definitely a negative interaction between marriage in a church and civil marriage laws. 712 more words

International Divorce : Things To Consider

The world is becoming a smaller place with ever greater opportunities for people to travel and work abroad.   Increasing numbers of people are meeting and marrying someone from another country and as such, many families now have both a multicultural and an international dimension which would have been far less prevalent a decade ago. 524 more words