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This week, I’ve been going through a box of legal papers: wills, leases, contracts, etc., belonging to many different people.  I came across an interesting folder this morning with two papers relating to the Dager family. 201 more words

Prenuptial Agreements v. Postnuptial Agreements

Most people have likely heard of prenuptial agreements, frequently referred to as “prenups.” These agreements are created and entered into with an aim to reduce conflict and ensure that issues such as property division and debt allocation are handled smoothly and efficiently in the event of a divorce. 509 more words

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If You're Thinking About a Prenup, Get a Lawyer

There are any numbers of reasons why a couple may decide to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Some may want to take a “What’s Yours Is Yours, What’s Mine Is Mine” approach to their marriage if things don’t work out. 793 more words

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FlaSC: Prenutpial Agreement

Where a prenuptial agreement provides that neither spouse will ever claim any interest in the other’s property, states that each spouse shall be the sole owner of property purchased or acquired in his or her name, and contains language purporting to waive and release all rights and claims that a spouse may be entitled to as a result of the marriage, such provisions serve to waive a spouse’s right to any share of assets titled in the other spouse’s name, even if those assets were acquired during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts or appreciated in value during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts. 15 more words

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Ancient Egyptians had 8-foot long prenups

Over 2,000 years separates us, but we may not be as different from the ancient Egyptians as one might think. An 8-foot long prenuptial agreement currently hanging at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago shows that their legislation and divorce proceedings were much like ours, … 146 more words


Muslims, Hindus, and Christians...oh my!


“My father is Islam, but not fundamentalist,” she’s quick to add. “My mother is Christian. Next month I’m going to a monastery in India to study with my guru there. 368 more words