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Religion and Ecology


So today’s topic is Ecology and religion. At first I didn’t understand how these correlated, but I get it now. It has to do with the relationship of humans and everything else on the planet. 98 more words


Prep Post #26: Crook Chp 15

The environment is definitely one of the most discussed issues in society as of now. Due partly to the globalization of society and partly because of science’s better understanding of nature and the earth, people no longer have the idea of the earth being limitless in its resources; the toll of man’s effect on nature can be plainly seen in a now industrialized society. 296 more words

Religion and Abortion

Ooohh, this one is funky to talk about. I like conversing about controversial opinions, but putting my opinion in writing is a little tougher since people can pick it apart and be like “but you said it, right there”. 576 more words


Prep Post #25: Kissling p358-72


In this reading, the discussion largely revolved around the fetus and its value as a person, talking about abortion from a relatively prochoice point of view. 177 more words

Religion and Politics


This is a chart of the religious affiliations within congress. It compares them to the general public. I don’t think this should affect any voting within congress, because I believe in the strict separation of Church and State. 111 more words


Religion and War


When the Hebrews were looking for guidance of what they should do in a war-like situation, the Bible provided no specific examples as to what they should do. 211 more words


Prep Post #24: Crook Chp 13

The relationship between warfare and Christianity is one that is complicated and, I suppose, open to interpretation. The Bible’s take on war, especially the Old Testament, is less of an argument or philosophical viewpoint, and more of a grim reality, which is why I think it is somewhat of a moot point to use the Old Testament as proof that Christianity “promotes war”; if one would take a look at the time that the books were written, and the various situations and conditions that surrounded the communities for whom the books were written for, one would understand that there was a need for a God and religion that was strong in those types of scenarios. 256 more words