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Harrison's Song (muted, ambient piano)

Harrison’s Song is a piece dedicated to a remarkable artist, friend, and brother, who himself makes an appearance in the first few seconds of the recording. 16 more words


So Long As We Like That Place (ambient piano)

So Long As We Like That Place is a muted/prepared piano piece that includes a brief interaction between me and my father at his home in Sacramento, California, where I played his upright piano (where a majority of my pieces for solo piano are recorded). 62 more words


Propositional (electronics and piano)

I came across an old recording from a period where my audio interface was on the fritz and producing a great deal of static, which I sampled and organized in  76 more words


Imprompt (ambient piano)

Imprompt is a small ambient piano piece recorded on a prepared and muted piano, pairing well with In the Trees, Music for Clogged Sinks… 62 more words


Sonatas I-III for Prepared Piano - Revision Notes

John Cage was one of the most influential composers in 20th Century experimental music, and his infamous 4’33 is the subject of many musical jokes. One of his greatest legacies was the prepared piano – by placing objects on or between the piano’s strings, Cage essentially created a one-person percussion ensemble. 571 more words


Hauschka - What If [City Slang / Temporary Residence]

One of the most recognizable 21st Century proponents of prepared piano music, Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschkareturns with his first full-length studio album since 2014’s… 429 more words