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Tradition meets the cutting edge in Honda & Vo’s soulful musical pairing

By Sheri Linden

A golf tee, a metal screw and a ruler — not the first things that come to mind when the subject is music. 912 more words

Meet The Artmakers

On August 12, 1992.

On August 12, 1992, John Milton Cage Jr. died aged 79. Being composer, music theorist, writer, and artist, Cage was pioneer of indeterminacy in music, electroacoustic music, non-standard use of musical instruments and together with his partner, choreographer Merce Cunningham, in the development of the modern dance. 89 more words

Week 4: Julien Beau — Les Poupées de Népenthès

The Artist

Julien Beau is somewhat of a mysterious artist to me. Partly because he doesn’t seem to be too well known and also because most of the information about his art is in French, which I can’t read. 847 more words

George Crumb: Ancient Voices of Children

The year before going abroad for the first time in 1977, I had started listening to more and more 20th Century “classical” music. My interest in this music probably started with Stravinsky, spread to Bartok, and lead me to the hardcore German atonalists-Schoenberg, Berg and Webern. 487 more words


Music Monday: John Cage's 4'33"

Hello everybody, and welcome to another segment of #MusicMonday! In this segment, we’ll talk about music that means something to us or in our greater music culture as an art form. 639 more words

Music Monday

Improv Session: F P R @ SARC NOV 2013

Franziska Schroeder (sax), Pedro Rebelo (piano/electronics) and Ricardo Jacinto (cello/electronics) at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. Recorded in November 2013

The recording features an early prototype of the Planq, a guitar-like device which has a parasitical relationship with the piano! 22 more words