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American Red Cross Disaster Summit 2017

“It takes a community of resilience to build a nation of resilience,” said Winfred Rawls, Deputy Director and Emergency Officer at the Illinois Department of Public Health. 670 more words


Back-to-school: 6 Pro Tips for Teachers and Students

It’s officially that time of year again: back-to-school. We know many of you may be getting your little ones ready for their first day, or settling into the groove of things with classes back in session. 556 more words

Disaster Cycle Services

Causes Effects And Eclipses

Pardon me as I take a sip. Ah, the clink of ice cubes in a glass. Yesterday, there was an eclipse. Today marked a change in the seasons. 1,282 more words

Freedom Means Being Independant

By: Tom Chatham

Most people say they want to be free but will also say we must do as we are told. They see government controls as safety from the world surrounding them. 639 more words


Understanding Crypto Currencies – Part 2 So is that Money?

Part 1 doesn’t still doesn’t really explain money though?

So, let’s look at this another way, hypothetically if we took a small group of people, 1000 or so, and dumped them on an island (always my go to when trying to understand something!), where they each had their own area of land to settle, some were livestock farmers, some food growers, tradesmen & equipment manufacturers, etc. 491 more words


Understanding Crypto Currencies – Part 1 A beginner’s challenge

Like most people I had heard about Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and Block chain over the past few years, unlike most though I decided to take the plunge and jump in feet first will little knowledge and invested £100 into Bitcoin the night before Brexit (which sounds like a Children’s Story book title!). 458 more words


Prepping and Water

I truly believe all families should have some water in storage for emergencies.  You never know when you could find yourself in a situation where you can’t drink your water, or don’t have water to drink.   812 more words