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I am a smoothie junky. I absolutely love them. I also love being way out in the wilderness. How do you have a smoothie way out there? Get a…more


You Decide: Extreme Coincidence or Foreshadowing of the Next False Flag in America?

I don’t always take time to warn folks of every potential threat these days but I just couldn’t let this one pass by. Two major things happened that were never in the national news. 159 more words

False Flag

Bugging In Versus Bugging Out

The whole process of preparing to bug in versus bugging out is a highly-debated topic, but the real answer lies within the individual. The various components of each preparedness plan can be different per person, per family and per location, giving each plan a personal look and feel. 546 more words


The best firearm for...

There have been many many words spent on the subject of the best firearms choices for survival / SHTF. Because I have an interest in both preparedness and hunting, it seemed reasonable to me to sacrifice a few more words to the effort. 1,762 more words

Disaster Apps

Many people like to think we’ll be able to check our phones for the latest news, instructions on what to do, and messages from our friends and family who may have been affected by a disaster. 125 more words


JNCAIR Jump Starter with Integrated Air Delivery System from Clore Automotive

JNCAIR Jump Starter with Integrated
Air Delivery System from Clore Automotive

I was taught at a young age to be prepared for anything. The idea is if you are prepared for the worst, nothing bad will happen. 26 more words