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Prepositions of Time and Place

In Arabic there are many secondary prepositions which are formed from verbal nouns, many of which indicate position, relations and directions, as well as prepositions of time. 59 more words


Prepositions and Pronoun Suffixes

The prepositions /ʕalā/, /ˀilā/ and /ladā/ are written and pronounced /ʕalay-/, /ˀilay-/ and /laday-/ when used with pronouns suffixes.






laday- 145 more words


Prepositions in Arabic

In Arabic there are a few very common prepositions. The three prepositions ‘to’ /li-/, ‘by’ /bi- /and ‘as’ /ka-/ are used as preffixes, and the first two together with ‘in’ /fiy/, ‘from’ /min/, ‘about’ /ʕan/ and ‘with’ /maʕa/ are within the twenty most common words, as well as ‘on’ /ʕalā/ and ‘to’ /ˀilā/. 101 more words


Treading Water or Treading On Water

Oh, the difference a preposition makes.

I learned to tread water in swim lessons when I was a little girl (pool water cold so early in the morning, parents watching from outside the chain-link fence). 971 more words

What's the TIME now?

Hello there stars from another galaxy!

Aside from typical question of “where to eat?” and “what is the most delicious food to try out here?” we Malaysian may sometimes encounter situation where people asked us of the time. 795 more words


With Us

I used to know all the common prepositions by heart.

About, above, across, after, against, along, among — and 28 more. Memorizing that list helped in picking out the prepositional phrases when diagramming sentences, which was important because…… Why… 182 more words

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