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Unexpected Prepositions

Just straight doing my homework online now: this is about grammar and unexpected prepositions in sentences. For example

  • “O cheiro a gasolina” (literally “the smell at petrol”)
  • 615 more words

Prepositions Pt. 1

Between the next two posts, you will learn the most common 40 prepositions in the English language. I have provided example sentences for each of the prepositions. 666 more words

English Grammar

At/ on/ in with time expressions (II)

Other interesting rules regarding the use of prepositions:

When using last/next/this/every we don’t use at/on/in before them:

  • I’ll see you next Friday.
  • *I’ll see you on next Friday.
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At/ on/ in with time expressions (I)


For the time of day:

  • At six o’clock
  • At midnight
  • At 8:20

Also, we use at with these expressions:

At night, at the weekend, at weekends, at Christmas, at the moment, at present, at the same time. 67 more words


Prepositions of place game - ghost hunt

Summer School Games – Episode 1

This is a quick game for elementary and pre-intermediate younger learners. It’s an idea that originated from Miriam Austin, who I worked with at IH Newcastle. 461 more words


In / on with forms of transport

If the transport is moving, or we want to express the way in which we are moving from one place to another, we use by… 25 more words