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LTL REFLECTION: a ghost in the toilets

LTL REFLECTION: A Ghost in the Toilets

Classroom Management, Prepositions and Other Scary Stories

During a recent school visit, I met a teacher who showed me the worksheets for her EFL class on preposition review followed by an activity to practise giving directions. 997 more words

LTL Reflection

Why Do Recipes Omit Prepositions and Articles?

It really should be “1 tablespoon of salad oil”, “In a 12-inch Dutch oven”, “skim the fat from the liquid”, … surely?

Except that omitting prepositions and articles in this way is the standard style for recipe writing and has been for ages. 22 more words

UK English

Dans Vs. En

Dans vs. En*

There is a lot of confusion with these two French prepositions. Both mean “in” yet are not interchangeable with each other.

Uses of Dans… 210 more words


Prepositions of Place: That Zebra is Where?

Students move from controlled to free activities in order to learn and practice using prepositions of place through humorous speaking and listening games. 1,427 more words


The walk sign is on!

It was our English conversation class today; we love our students and always have a good time, but it is quite difficult to plan because we just never know who is going to turn up! 495 more words


Who knew?

Do you want to know a secret?  Not many people know this, only copy-editors and a few Oxford dons, and they’re not letting on.  But I am going to whisper it to you.  833 more words

English Teachers

To whom, Lewis: to whom!

Sergeant Lewis is in trouble again for his ‘bad grammar’.  This time, that old grouch Chief Inspector Morse is setting him right on the matter of personal pronouns, the correct form being, it would seem, … 838 more words

Correct Grammar