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How to use "since"

“Since” can be an expression of time, and it can mean “because”.

“Since” as a time expression

When used to express time, the word “since” means: 1,050 more words

Grammar in pop songs - Lucy Lucy Lucy

Picture yourself
Somebody calls you
You answer
A girl

She’s gone


Follow her
Everyone smiles

Taxis appear
Climb in
You’re gone…

852 more words

Fronted Adverbials - starting with prepositions

This post focuses on one method of writing fronted adverbials – using prepositions as the first word.

This can be done with both types of preposition: 1. 331 more words

Thing 3

Teach Prepositions Using Wordle

Teaching prepositions using a Wordle is a visual way for students to see how prepositions work, while being artistic, fun and engaging in conversation. 186 more words

Eliminating Little Words

To make your writing more concise, it pays to eliminate little words.

For readers, each word is like a step across the sentence. If you take big steps, you’ll reach the period faster. 125 more words


164. Fixed Preposition Phrases

English prepositions make some very familiar phrases with certain partner words


Prepositions combine with a noun or equivalent, the two together being known as a preposition phrase (see… 1,822 more words

Academic And Professional Writing

“On the bus…” or in “the bus…”?

Eugene C. Che

When you’re travelling by car, it’s usually easier to tell someone that you are “in” the car. However, when you’re travelling by bus or train, what do you say? 644 more words