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Where is ...?

Os dejo una canció para trabajar las preposiciones, algunas ya las sabemos, como IN, ON, UNDER pero hemos aprendido unas nuevas:

1) Behind

2) Near… 35 more words

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ is celebrating twenty-five years.

to celebratekutlamak; is celebrating – kutluyor


Hi, my name’s Michael Rosen… 849 more words

Fun Stuff

Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

Another Kinks tune in this special post paying tribute to London. It essentially talks about isolation, but there are some positive aspects to the track… 271 more words


Hello, hello my beautiful wonderful friends! How are you?

Today I`m going to talk to you about the third preposition-AT

Just like IN and ON, AT is used to some different situations. 392 more words



Hello, hello my dear cute friends! How have you been doing?

In this section We are going to talk about a really nice subject-IN.
Nessa seção iremos conversar sobre a preposição IN. 356 more words



Hello, hello my cutes! Is everything Ok?

My students always ask me to help them to understand and to learn how to use the prepositions ON, In and At! 546 more words


Perfect World

Hi Everyone, 

Today we started off with a review of prepositions and 10 common mistakes that people make. Prepositions are important words and we use them frequently. 343 more words