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Do you have any problem understanding and using prepositions? Check out this link where you can learn their meaning and uses and do some exercises as well. 32 more words


Bad Habits, but Good Instincts: Grammar Tip

I have a student who has expressed frustration with the preposition “to.” She certainly isn’t alone. Other students have confused infinitives with combinations of the preposition “to” followed by gerunds. 166 more words


Today's Italian lesson : Lots of problems with prepositions!

Prepositions – those little words like di, per, a, in and da that join stuff in the sentence together, and you think might not matter that much : well actually it turns out that they really do matter quite a lot, and that there is no short cut to learning them. 390 more words

New Vocabulary

Wordiness: Topic vs. Subject

Every sentence starts with a topic. Look for opportunities to make your sentences more concise by placing the topic into the grammatical role of subject. If you are using too many unnecessary words, your writing could be stigmatized as wordy or inelegant. 193 more words

Sentence Structure

Ask the menu!

 This is a common mistake made by Indonesians translating ‘tanya’ instead of ‘minta’.

The options in English are (take a deep breath!):

  1. I’ll ask the waiter.
  2. 129 more words
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