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Can you end a sentence in a preposition?

A few months ago, I wrote about why you shouldn’t follow the made-up rule to never start a sentence with and or but. This week, I’m defying your grade-school teacher again. 262 more words


The Preposition à

Continuing from last weeks post with the preposition à.

The preposition à also:

  • Is used with nouns derived from verbs or with infinitives as a replacement for a subordinate clause.
  • 263 more words

Parts of speech, Introduction to Prepositions.

In this second blog post, we are going to look at prepositions. In this first series of prepositions, we will read more about what a preposition is and the broad categories that prepositions fall into (these are not really that important to know, however in next week’s article we will learn more about the different kinds of prepositions, which are vital for correct grammar and sentence construction. 366 more words

The Style Wars

Style keeps on tripping up my substance of my Cozy Mystery.

Short or wordy sentences?

Are fragments allowed? If so, are they encouraged?

When corrections are potentially stodgy, can prepositions be left hanging in the interest of flow? 27 more words


Köttur saga

A cat story!

Describe where the cat is in Icelandic! Hvar er kötturinn?

Learn how to use the prepositions. 79 more words

Language Learning

Prepositions of Place - Learn Preposition Online at Grammarcollege.com

Have a deep knowledge of what are Prepositions of place and how to use them in a sentence from Grammarcollege.com. It is the online guide which supports a complete and free study material. 7 more words