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Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives PRACTICE

Review with these video explanations:


A slideshow about verbs and prepositions



The following exercises with help you practice choosing the correct preposition to use: 21 more words


Beyond Prepositions of Place 101

We teach in, at, and on to beginners. Of course, the study of prepositions of place doesn’t end there. Students move on to words like… 92 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Prepositions 2 - Prepositions of Place

how are ya? Dear Followers,
Let’s learn Prepositions.

Este é o video nº 2 sobre preposições.

Nele vou descrever detalhadamente várias preposições de Lugar mais usados. 33 more words


Key for the handout on prepositions

Verb + prep
1 on, 2 of, 3 on, 4 on, 5 for, 6 into, 7 in, 8 for, 9 for, 10 of 11 from, 12 to, 13 in, 14 at, 15 after, 16 on, 17 into, 18 about. 60 more words


Fiddling with grammar during a refugee crisis

As the world reels around us, let’s spend a few moments playing with the oddities of English grammar, because what could be—when all is said and done—more useless. 1,563 more words