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Prepositions fun

Hello there! Now that you’re learning new prepositions you can have a good time while improving your reading skills. Have a look at these games:

Have fun!!!


Eyes Front

Eyes Front

A strange thing how many people in this world have nothing in their eyes but “forward.”
Not even up or down,
But frontward. Onward. 67 more words


Scholars in Press: An Interview with Chip Hardy

The following interview is part of an ongoing series titled Scholars in Press, which aims to showcase a particular variety of scholars who contribute to biblical studies through their linguistic skills.

744 more words

English Prepositions

In English, “preposition” is a fairly broad category.  It includes not only what are classified as “locatives” in Latin/Romance languages, but also what German calls “adverbs of time” (before, after, during, etc.) and “adverbs of place” (aboard, abroad, adrift, etc.), the latter being classed as “adjectival prepositions” in English, that is, they can be labeled as either adjectives or as prepositions.

Language Arts

To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part Two)

To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part Two)

You can read Strunk & White and other books of the sort, but when it comes down to it, commas are frustrating. 450 more words


Writer’s Block? There’s No Such Thing Part 2 of 7

Part 2: Let’s destroy the concept of writer’s block

So let’s start our destruction of the whole concept. A block is a physical thing. Are you telling me that you have a physical block in your head? 470 more words


Dedicated to You: Practice with the Prepositions TO and AT

I’m finally turning my attention back to prepositions. My goal is to address some common points of confusion. In my next video lesson, I’ll explain some uses of TO and AT. 129 more words

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