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Class 25 March, 2015

Sunny, breezy, and a little humid today.  Full class.

Conclusion: Did not go to plan at all today.  Saved original plan to repost separately.

We went through thoroughly, with each S giving examples and answering questions. 429 more words

Class Status


Hi, guys!

Let’s do some exercises on prepositions in general!

I hope you like them! Do not forget that you are supposed to make questions anytime you need! 48 more words

Improve Your Fluency

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put. – Winston Churchill


My main purposes here, in the blog generally, will be to try out various philosophical musings, without requiring of myself the kind of rigorous quotation, citations, interpretive argument, etc. 475 more words


Under Umbrellas

I love prepositions in general.  When I was in the classroom teaching English, the students always had fun coming up with extreme examples, once I set them loose with my proviso:  prepositions simply explain where Tweety Bird runs trying to get away from Sylvester the Cat. 281 more words

Nature Photography

ESL Lesson: London, England

Today’s lesson is about London, England.

A Trip to London for ESL Learners by Sylvie.

Worksheet 1: London Pictonary & Information File


Worksheet 2: Unseen London (Prepositions) 104 more words