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Weekly Update

This last week has been relatively unproductive, since the wild child has been crazy fussy and demanding.  It might be more teeth growing in or just wanting more attention.   992 more words


7 Marine-Tested Survival Tools You Should Own

By  Travis P – Off The Grid News

I have never been a huge car guy. I can do the very basics of turning a wrench, and with some guidance I changed an alternator once upon a time. 219 more words


Gunshot First Aid For Preppers: What You Need To Know

By Mahatma Muhjesbude – SurvivoPedia

In the greater preparedness schema, most preppers share common needs for generally similar equipment and resources. Firearms, and the protection and security they provide, are near the top of the list. 94 more words


Best Pocket Carry Flashlight For Under 30 Dollars

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

I have owned this pocket – tactical – penlight – flashlight for several years, and it may the best flashlight (of its type) for under 30 dollars. 65 more words


A Hole in the Dark: Techniques for Maintaining a Dark Camp

 By Bolo – The Prepper Journal


“When the system breaks down, we all break down.” – Sgt. Barnes – Platoon

Tactical camping is a great way to develop and sharpen many essential survival skills.

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Sustainable Gardening: Reduce Watering by 50-75%

By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition  

60% of a person’s household water usage goes toward lawn and garden maintenance. During times of drought, our lawn and landscaping can become a bottomless pit where we are throwing away money to keep grass alive. 930 more words