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The Roop Coop (Or how I learned to fear the turtle)

Wow! Thank y’all for actually reading this! I sort of thought it might just be my own  diary but its so much nicer to share my little journey with people! 550 more words


Bugging In Versus Bugging Out

The whole process of preparing to bug in versus bugging out is a highly-debated topic, but the real answer lies within the individual. The various components of each preparedness plan can be different per person, per family and per location, giving each plan a personal look and feel. 546 more words


Navigating the Weeds

Homesteading has become a trendy word for many people who are seeking a simpler and healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. I grew up in southwest Virginia with a father who grew his own vegetables, hunted, and maintained a happy flock of chickens all the while making it seem effortless. 143 more words


The dilemma is a common one. Picture yourself among several fellow authors, each of you in possession of your own master work. An interwoven web of experiences and desires, lessons learned and blessings imparted, rich with culture and scenery and drama, this masterpiece, this coup de gras of literature has been left to your ever-too-idle hands and their reek of incompetence. 949 more words