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The Prepared Home: 5 Prepper Projects to Start in the Spring

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, as many of you know, planning is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. Each year, you should make new plans and practice your new skills.  1,009 more words


Doom Porn: A Reality (Wake Up Call)

I used to be all into the whole ‘Doom Porn’ thing.  I used to be what some people consider “A Conspiracy Theorist”.  Without trying to put these people down because I do think they mean well, I just realized a few things as I began to develop a more easy going attitude about life. 601 more words


Remember to live your life

Whether or not “the end is nigh”, to me, prepping is not simply considering what the future may hold or taking stock of signs of a possible worst case scenario and stockpiling a few pieces of gear which may not even be close to enough or ever get used. 319 more words


A prophecy hopefully not fulfilled

So where do I start?

Maybe I have watched too many sci-fi movies or television shows. Or maybe it is the growing trend of our time, or looking back at history, the ongoing trend of humanity—Nostradamus, the Mayans, Isaac Newton. 809 more words


Common Concealed Carry Mistakes

Being a prepper means being prepared for an emergency no matter where you are. Which is why more and more people are deciding to carry a concealed weapon when they leave the house. 49 more words