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Lone Wolf or Pack

A big debate within the preparation community is what type of Prepper a person should be. The age old belief is that you keep your preparedness to yourself (OPSEC) and if the SHTF you bug out to your secret location in the woods and live off the land and your cache that you have there. 1,170 more words


A Doomsday Prepper's Diary

March  3rd, 8:42PM Cookie Aisle at Food Lion


She walks in,

Eyes of molasses,

Skin twice as sweet.

I’m diabetic;

Too many sweeties in my past. 107 more words


My Top Prepper Apps

I’m old enough to remember when calculator watches were first released and we all thought they were the greatest thing since fire. It gave a person the power to do long division anywhere, without a pencil and paper. 1,152 more words


Library at the End of the World - Episode 5

In episode 5, the focus is on post-apocalyptic communities. While the lone wolf Road Warrior is fun to read about, small villages and groups are interesting, too.  77 more words

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