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Privacy Apocalypse On Going: “We Know Where You Live!”

By Mahatma MuhjesbudeSurvivoPedia

Most of the preppers were thinking they finally are getting a leg up on being ready for the imminent concerns with our dangerously fragile economy, and everything else. 178 more words

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We’re Out Of Toilet Paper!? 7 Off-Grid Alternatives To ‘TP’

By Nicholas O.Off The Grid News

Homesteading and living off grid have their perks, but every now and then you may run out of an essential item – such as toilet paper – when your backup supplies are empty. 152 more words


Bloom Where You’re Planted: Prepping to Survive Where You Are Right Now

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Have you ever heard anyone utter some variation of one of these comments?

“I’m going to start prepping as soon as I can move.” 2,698 more words


Learn To Build Shelter For Any Survival Situation

By Lisa S. – The Bug Out Bag Guide

Summer’s right around the corner, and for many people that means getting back to the great outdoors, whether it be for a day hike or a weekend camping trip. 160 more words


8 Inexpensive DIY Greenhouse Ideas Anyone Can Build

By Susan Patterson Off The Grid News

Greenhouses can help overwinter tender plants, grow food all year, or just extend the growing season by several weeks to a few months. 279 more words


Back To Basics: 4 Types Of Homemade Cheese

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

Without a doubt, life is made tastier by cheese. We put it on everything from burgers to macaroni and kids love it. 206 more words


Best Bug out Vehicles You Can Actually Afford

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

Is there any one of us who doesn’t drool a little whenever you see an exotic sports car tooling down the road? 1,087 more words