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Action Adventure Dream and Abortion in the News

I watched Adventures of the Wilderness Family last night with my daughter before her bedtime. What melodrama! That poor dog in the movie saved the family’s bacon umpteen times in the movie. 1,409 more words

3 Survival Commands Your Dog Should Know

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

Not only is your dog a good companion, but he or she could potentially save your life in… 707 more words


Survival Farming: How To Protect Animals From Heat

By Theresa CrouseSurvivoPedia

Just like with people, extreme heat can be devastating to animals, regardless of the type. Some are more sensitive to it than others but all of them require some care in order to protect them from overheating because they can die from exposure just like people can. 103 more words


The Time-Tested Trick To Keeping Food Cool When The Power’s Out

By  Jane W – Off The Grid News

Although these days you may only see root cellars in horror films, root cellars were once a way of life. 134 more words


New 'Superchilling' Technique Allows Organic Food To Be Preserved Naturally For Long-Term Storage

By Jennifer Lea Reynolds – Natural News

(NaturalNews) In an effort to help “purpose-driven consumers,” or those who are mindful about healthy eating habits and improving the environment, a new technique has been developed that’s likely music to their ears. 126 more words

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How Much Money Do You Have in Your Bug out Bag?

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

The bottom just dropped out all of your warning triggers are telling you that it’s time to pack everyone into the… 1,932 more words


12 ‘Cool Ways’ To Survive Off-Grid Without Air Conditioning

By  Tricia Drevets Off The Grid News

Since I am living in a century-old home without air conditioning during what is shaping up to be the hottest summer on record in the Pacific Northwest, I am learning some lessons on staying cool. 108 more words