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Is it Safe to use Herbal Medicine?

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is any plant remedy that is used medicinally or therapeutically. It can take many forms such as salves, tinctures, infusions, tea & aromatherapy and is generally made from leaves, bark, berries, flowers roots and essential oils. 1,188 more words


Meal Preppin’ 9

This would have been today’s lunch in my rush this morning I grabbed the wrong container. What I would’ve had was: baked tilapia over a bed of rice, sliced avocados, and roasted carrots. 37 more words


If Knowledge is gold, what's more valuable?

Personal Communication Skills.
Why? Because at some time you will have to deal with others, including whatever form government takes, and still be standing at the end of that conversation or negotiation. 486 more words


chronic illness and prepping........

When you are chronically ill, it is extremely important that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Why you might ask?  Because many of us with CI are physically unable to walk miles through rough terrain to get necessities if roads were impassible due to a snow storm, tornado or hurricane.  348 more words

I Started Karate (again)

I started Karate!  I used to do karate as a child and enjoyed it.  I saw a Facebook advertisement for a local club which offered beginner courses at very reasonable rates.  848 more words


SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, BOB - Do you know what they mean?

Why are these terms relevant?

SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, BOB, BOL, EDC, EMP & FIFO are all commonly used terms by Preppers and Survivalists. They will be used frequently on this blog so it can help to know their meaning. 230 more words


Welcome to The Mountain Prepper

Greetings and welcome to The Mountain Prepper. This a venture is unlike any I have ever embarked upon before. Interested? Continue reading to learn more… 302 more words