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Basics and Background

As I said in my first post, I feel that time is running out for those of us living in most of the world. What I want to do with this blog is to teach women what it means to “Prep” and be a “Prepper”. 685 more words

The One About Prepping

Attended FenCon, a Dallas science fiction convention, this weekend. There was an author discussion about preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Someone brought a BOB (bug out bag) and added a respirator and face shield because of the threat of contamination. 120 more words


It’s Time to Prepare for the Worst – Upcoming Internet Surrender Threatens Constitutional Freedoms

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

Readers, this article comes a little bit “long in the tooth,” and undoubtedly many of you are already aware of the reasoning behind it.  1,005 more words

News/ Current Events

4 Ways To Preserve Food In A Solar Oven

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

There are many ways to preserve food, but how many of those methods transfer to your solar cooker? I decided to check things out and see whether or not you can even use it for food preservation; after all, the temperatures can be a bit erratic and heat is dependent on the sun. 73 more words


Survival Buzz: How to Store Batteries for the Long Term

By Gaye Levy – Backdoor Survival

How much do you know about storing household batteries for the long term?  Until I started prepping, I did not have a clue.  225 more words


Completely, 100 Percent Off-Grid: 9 Essential Foods You Should Grow

By Angela Counter Off The Grid News

Are you ready to feed your family by what you grow and raise? If you want to reduce your dependency on the commercial food supply, you better start now. 176 more words