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Vote For The Best Liar Day

The UK General Election 2015.

Today the UK’s sheeple get to vote for the idiots who will ladle on the next 5 years of pain. 377 more words


1000 posts

I wanted to do something very special for this post,
Something completely different,
No prepping or survivalism,
An original by me.

Hang on a second!


Why the Government is so Afraid of the Self-Reliant

By Joshua Krause – Ready Nutrition 

I’m sure many of you remember when armed “nuisance abatement teams” from Los Angeles County, descended upon the independent minded folks who were living in the desert outskirts of the city. 881 more words


Why Every Family Should Take At Least One Camping Trip

By  Susan Patterson Off The Grid News

If you have never taken your kids on a camping trip, it is time to reconsider. They joys of spending time together in nature with the ones you love are immeasurable. 77 more words


DO’s And DON’Ts When Reusing Grey Water

By Chris BlackSurvivoPedia

Have you ever thought about recycling water? You know what I’m talking about – we’re all used to recycling aluminum cans and bottles so the next best thing to recycle might be water, right? 73 more words


Best SHTF Vehicles

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Along the notion of SHTF societal collapse and preparedness for said ‘hit-the-fan’ collapse, regardless of what brings it on (e.g. 88 more words


Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack”

By Mac Slavo – SHTFplan.com

They are ready. Are you?

The government powers that be are preparing for continuity under any conditions.

The potential for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event that could wipe out the electric grid, and with it, the society that is dependent upon it is considered by security experts to be inevitable and perhaps likely in the short term. 774 more words

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