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Why Should People Relocate to the Safe Zone of the Germinal Ethnostate?

I have blogged previously about people of social national views relocating to “safe zones” or to a (germinal) ethnostate possibly to be centred on the South West of England (Cornwall and Devon, as well as Somerset and Dorset): 342 more words

Mental Preparedness for Crisis Situations

 Las Vegas Nevada.  Everyone’s seen the footage, and everyone has their theories.

Plenty of information will come forward in the coming weeks and months that will undoubtedly answer a lot of the questions we all have.  1,629 more words


On Being Prepared for Anything

This is, primarily, a travel blog. However, I do occasionally like to delve into slightly different topics that I think are interesting or useful to know. 1,615 more words

Travel Tips

Out in the woods

There are some really good YouTube Channels about alternative living out there and if you are interested in this sort of thing you will love this one.

Check it out here.



Have had a busy month or so.

Had also joined a Facebook prepper forum to get more information and learn more about all the things we want to learn about. 414 more words


stuff plus

Recently have been busy with STUFF.  Work.  The disastrous summer garden that is now yielding tomatoes and eggplant. Husbands cataract surgeries.  A bout with some bad take out. 238 more words


Okayness and Friends

We received news that news will be forthcoming in two one week blocks.  That’s perfectly fine and dandy.  The night before we received news that news would be forthcoming I had to lullaby myself to sleep which is daft as heck because I know no matter how the chips fall, I’ll be completely fine. 481 more words