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California's Camp Fire: The Breakdown in .gov Communications in Paradise, CA

They had drilled into people, “don’t evacuate until told to do so,” but most people never heard the order to evacuate, so a lot of them died in their homes or in their cars when they finally decided to stop waiting for the order. 419 more words

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The Greatest Prep: Faith Without Reservation

By various information sources and the stirring of the Holy Spirit, we perceive an ever clearer understanding that geo-politics are merging with Bible prophecy. This can be a frightening conclusion, especially to the newly aware, but it need not be. 2,294 more words

The Shining Light Podcast

Labrador Tea

Common Name: Bog Labrador Tea

Scientific Name:

  • Rhododendron Groenlandicum
  • (Former) Ledum Groenlandicum
  • (Former) Ledum Latifolium


This is a plant that is primarily used for morale purposes, either as a tea or as seasoning. 800 more words

Labrador Tea

Meal Prepping Is for Everyone!

Meal prepping, the thing that we see ripped people on Instagram do but don’t think about doing because we are not …well, ripped.

Honestly, meal prepping is not just for gym junkies, it can be done by everyone and it is the smartest way to eat healthy without having to cook everyday.