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Production Journal

These are the story boards and rough character designs for my intended cycling animation that also happens to be about cyclists delivering mail throughout the week.   30 more words


Explaining My 15 Week Hiatus

No, I have not fallen of the face of the Earth. Nor hid from Chicago’s harsh winters. Instead, I cut all ties with the 21st Century and exchanged the lifestyle to being changed to a basic word processor and note pad for a written proposal. 150 more words

My Craft


In the 3D modelling Production Pipeline, there are a series of steps, these are:- Pre-Production, 3D Modelling, UV Mapping, Texturing and Shaders, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering and lastly Compositing. 195 more words


Project Narrative

Eltahir Boshara takes a close look at the process and aftermath of female genital mutilation. He attempts to address the issues that arise from and the impact that the act has on a family’s ability to function as a unit. 146 more words


Printable Storyboards

This is a resource that you definitely need. Storyboards are an amazing tool to visualize how a scene will turn out before adding dialogue and music. 79 more words

Dishonor Movie

The movie presents a fictional story with its autobiographical aspects written by a male partner of a victim of female genital mutilation. The movie, while narrated by the husband of a circumcised woman, questions the role of each member of the family – ‘Who is responsible for the problems the victim faces because of her circumcision?’ A mother who requested the operation? 42 more words



Title: Results

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Job Title: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Location: Spring Lake, Michigan


For my senior thesis project at Full Sail University I decided to pursue a short narrative. 147 more words