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FMP Update: 28 audio test

So I did a audio test with the lavalier mics that I was planing on using tomorrow. I very glad that I did the test as I found that the mic kept cutting out. 60 more words


FMP update: 26 Titles thing

So I did the opening titles for my fmp and they are still not finished as the audio is not right for them. But so far I have spent over 8 hours on them. 84 more words


Making Comics, Part 2: Preproduction

I am going to write this series into three parts. Each part highlighting a certain aspect of making comics. I usually liken my comic making process with that of film making. 1,745 more words


FMP update: 25 Opening titles and props stuff

So today day I made so props for it and started to work out how to done the titles like the titles from Birdman. I have worked out the I going to make the titles. 67 more words


Finalizing script - start with Mise en Scène

We have two versions in which we applied some feedback by Rob Nijland.

Script 1. Description of signification other scene

Script 2. Description of signification other scene


Feedback for script

Today we received feedback for the following script: Click here

Role sayid? In this version Sayid needs introduction or to give away a bit more about him and his personality. 125 more words


FMP update: 24 Casting

So I when over the casting for my film and how will they fit into my film. This also made me think about why I was picking who to play a part in film. 31 more words