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I'll Be Brief...

:-) Hopefully you’re clear on this first stage of the Production… if not, ASK! I’ve added a copy of the Brief to this post, and I know most of you can read, so I’ll not repeat anything here. 234 more words


Pre - Production

Starting the pre – production process was pretty fun. I started talking to a few friends and people i thought that would be interested in the project ‘How to deal with Douchebags’ and let a few people read the script. 249 more words


Powell’s Books and the Metric System

Last weekend I was in Portland, Oregon for my daughter’s wedding. I’m happy to say that everything went wonderfully—even the weather—and I am more than pleased with my new son-in-law and his family. 754 more words

Metric System

Making Movies - The Beginning

05/07/2016, 21:17. INT. My room – Evening.

Let me just say I am a can of guinness in so anything I say after this would show my mastery for making movies at a buzzed level. 1,168 more words


Understanding the VFX Pipeline (Part 2)

First off, if you didn’t read last week’s blog then you should do that first! Because it’s part 1, do it! Do it now! This week I’ll be covering; … 482 more words

my weakest discipline...

… is without any doubt interface / icon design. It is hands down one of the biggest obstacles (actual content creation is the biggest ;) )  I’ve faced since I started to work on the game and it’s still a big one to overcome. 430 more words


Pre production planning

On June 15th, our group finalised the ideas for our film’s plot. Here are the brief plans of everything we need to do:

Summer Project