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Shot List Reflection

Another part of my preproduction paperwork included producing a shot list, so that on the day of filming I had an idea of what to film and how to film it. 185 more words


Audio Clearance Sheet

As part of my preproduction I created an audio clearance sheet, a table that lists extra sounds and music that I have used in my edit and where I got the sounds from. 79 more words


Changing the Script

After doing some research on the internet looking for some footage of this band I speak quite a lot about when it gets to the 1970s because I knew about them more than any other band in the 70s that were soul/ disco. 201 more words


Copyright Considerations

Copyright is to protect people’s work and stops others from using it without their permission. To include copyright material in my production, I would have to get permission from the copyright owner. 407 more words


Script Writing for Voiceover

I finished my script the other day for my voiceover for my project. To write the script, I had to go back to the notes I have made for the documentary by looking at the order I am going to do it in which chronological order; it was ready to be recorded. 569 more words


Times for Interviews for Editing

I watched all my interviews I did for my documentary and started writing the times for the most relevant points for each question I asked. 104 more words


Pre-production Paperwork

Here is a link to all my planning documents for my final major project in my google drive:

(LINK) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xDucKh-jv41pHwj6GkCLYw9bZ8OJDuOk