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Nothing to see here....move along, move along!

From SHTF Plan, here.

The window for laying in supplies is shrinking.  That means anything that is brought to your local distribution center (store) by truck. 257 more words

Basic Skills

Will I ever use my preps?

That question came to me one morning while I was sitting here contemplating the current world situation. And I tell you…the current world situation is terrible! 1,197 more words

Preparedness & Organization

Preps: Cameron Reddish "Remember My Name" (#1 SG in Country Amongst Class of 2018)

Big Star & Raw Sports Presents CAMERON REDDISH “REMEMBER MY NAME” Highlight Series Episode 1. CAMERON REDDISH aka “The Smooth Operator” is a 6′ 7″ Shooting Guard from WESTTOWN SCHOOL (West Chester, PA), CLASS OF 2018. 98 more words


SHTF Dental Kit

Go on over to Survival Medicine and check this out!

Sample graf:  “Anyone who has had to perform a task while simultaneously dealing with a bad toothache can attest to the effect on the amount and quality of work done. 149 more words


Prepping Your Lips

Do you have dry or chapped lips? Do you have issues with your Lipstick not lasting, requiring you to do touch ups almost every hour? Are your lips discolored and not pink and plump? 450 more words


Are you ready?

Pretty broad question, eh? Maybe I should clarify the question a little bit…

When will you be ready for a “grid-down” event?

I hope all of you can answer “I am ready now” but realistically that probably isn’t true for any of us. 1,396 more words

Surviving Any Disaster

Essential Skills: Getting Home

First, DTG wishes everyone a ‘Happy New Year!’ in the hope that no matter how bad things look, the training, equipping and preparing you do and help others do will mitigate whatever we are facing as a People. 910 more words

Basic Skills