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Trapping Food When You're On The Go

Over the years I’ve had a number of people ask me what I suggested for trapping in an “On the move, supplies on my back” survival scenario. 573 more words


Bryce Hamilton is Underrated

Bryce Hamilton (Pasadena High School c/o 2018) is one of the most underrated prep athletes in the country. He has a unique ability to handle and score the basketball while also being a leader and stellar student-athlete. 23 more words


Another SHTF Reality From Selco

Selco gives us some reality about a typical “Tacticool” SHTF day. Reality is a bitch, and being able to trade is an important survival skill. 3,215 more words


Carrying Your First Aid Supplies

Over the years there has been a lot of thought put into how troops can conveniently carry their personal, team, and platoon level first aid gear. 901 more words


Product Review: Nikwax 'Cotton Proof'

In the quest for staying dry as long as possible in cold, wet weather, while looking for a Goretex rejuvenator, I happened upon a product by Nikwax, called, “Cotton Proof.”  Now, truth be told, I’m always skeptical of the ‘magic pill’ offered by various companies, but, as I wear a lot of Nyco things, to include field jackets and smocks, I figured, ‘what the hell, it might just be worth trying out.’  After all, cotton is known as ‘the cloth of death’ in anything but warm weather, once it gets wet. 394 more words


For Your Planning Sessions...

Besides reading the following posts over at Mason Dixon  Tactical, in, “Radiation’s Effects,” “PPG for NBC Threat“, and the, “Nuke-O-Spot Report… 85 more words


Brushbeater: Running Spares- Keeping Your Weapon Going

Brushbeater speaks from experience, here.  Read the entire post, and make sure you’re set up to keep it running in the field!

Some key excerpts; photo’s added: 241 more words

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