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Preparedness: The Money Side

Part of your preparations needs to be the establishment and growth of an ’emergency fund’ consisting of various options such as cash on hand, pre-64 ‘junk’ silver (90% pure), or gold semi-numismatic coins.  1,550 more words

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Ruck Training - Some Thoughts

The photo above was taken last March, just as I started the Heavy Pack Conditioning stage of ruck walking after a long winter’s rest.

So, you’re training with your ruck, right?  978 more words

Basic Skills

Getting Your Communications Set Up Going

H/T to Dan Morgan for the link.

We support Amron’s position of getting a HAM license to get your communication capability up in the event of a SHTF scenario.  1,912 more words

Basic Skills

Product Review UPDATE: SOLE Softec Ultra Footbed

See paragraph regarding Danner Combat Hikers.

In a previous post regarding the importance of getting the best boots you can afford, here, two commenters were very positive on the addition of SOLE brand insoles to replace those that came with whatever brand boots (typically Danner in the post).  749 more words


Reason 5,455 to Make Preparedness Part of Your Every Day Life

When considering the following article from http://www.readynutrition.com and Tess Pennington, take into account the reason a systemic collapse would accelerate:  BJIT Inventory practices, retail industry wide.  1,507 more words


Map: Over 200 'sanctuary cities' in 32 states and D.C.

Back in the day, we’d call these, “FOB’s” (Forward Operating Bases) when considering where we’d set up ‘safe havens’ in the event of war.  Just sayin’, appropos of nothing..really NOTHING whatsoever.  168 more words

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