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Kitchens, Ylvise Palace

“Have you heard? Apparently, the Emperor’s gone and destroyed another wall.”

“No waay, where this time?”

“And why?”

“Oi, just ‘cause I let you girls talk doesn’t mean you stop peeling the buradas… 1,204 more words


War Council Hall, Ylvise Palace

Lifan, His Majesty’s secretary’s hands begin to sweat and his eyes widen a fraction as he glances at the destroyed wall of the war council hall revealing the greens of the tops of the forest and the blues of the vast cloudless skies, then at the Emperor sitting on a piece of broken desk glaring at the devastation. 461 more words


10 small stories


For the next weeks I will be posting 10 small stories. What is so special about them is that they are connected together, the first to second and the second to the third… all the protagonists from one story will rise through the previous stories, to tell their own. 53 more words


Talk surrounding the Ancient Witch

“An ancient legend that’s supposedly still alive and living in the far east forests of Lrustonia? Well I don’t actually believe she’s still alive. She might have been alive like 700 years ago or something, but by now it’s probably all just hallucinations and rumours spread by idiots who went into the outskirts of that Forest of the Lost.” – Passerby at Marketsquare, age 69. 534 more words


Lithman Room, Tsunyina Palace

The Empress is composed. Only her eyebrows, which pull together by a fraction of a tos[1], reveal any sort of emotion.

Her fourth child and second daughter, Imyra stands before her dais in the Lithman… 2,594 more words


The Thing (2011)

I don’t usually post about movies that aren’t at least in the neighborhood of 20-25 years old or more, but occasionally one demands attention. The Thing… 749 more words

Full Movie

Tesla and Holmes: An Interview with Author Martin Hill Ortiz

Martin Hill Ortiz has written many novels that explore the thrilling side of history. Açedrex editor Jessica Knauss asked him about his process and his literary heroes.   630 more words