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Closing Thought--16Feb17

Obama Did It!

God knows that I was a staunch critic of Obama while president….but I will have to just laugh at the conspiracists have to say these days….. 739 more words


The Foreign Policy Legacy of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has left the building and in slinks the new lord and master…..and now he will set about to secure his place in history…but what will his legacy be? 343 more words


Barack Obama learns to kitesurf on vacation with billionaire Richard Branson

#IslandLife was good to Barack Obama.

Before returning to Washington, the former president dove into an aquatic and athletic challenge with his friend, Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson, while vacationing on the British Virgin Islands with former first lady Michelle Obama. 218 more words


Was Obama A Transformational President?

Some of the people I talk with think that Obama was a very transformational president….others think that the country went down the toilet under his leadership….me? 351 more words


Obama Broadly Expands NSA Power

In the closing days of his presidency our president Obama has expanded the power of the NSA……and the chances of further abuses of our privacy…….a final shot, if you will….. 305 more words


It's Time to Protect The Children

It is high time that we thought about protecting the children again.  Especially in The United States of America things have degenerated to the point of spending incredible amounts of time, energy, and money on which bathrooms they should use, criminalizing those who are trying to catch child predators, and de-criminalizing child predatory acts! 242 more words

Build A Better Life

Chicago: 780 Killed Last Year, 2 Already Killed This Year

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Source: Chicago: 780 Killed Last Year, 2 Already Killed This Year

From a city RUN & OPERATED by Liberal Democrats where they have some of the toughest gun control laws in the Country!!   23 more words

2nd Amendment