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Obama In SF Calls Democratic Control Of Congress 'Good For America'

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — President Barack Obama praised Democratic lawmakers for having his back through some politically tough votes and encouraged supporters to help elect more of them in November. 530 more words


The Most Unusual "Thank You Note"


Fidel Castro Releases a Very ‘Thanks But No Thanks’ Op-Ed About Obama’s Cuban Efforts

by Lindsey Ellefson | 1:45 pm, March 28th, 2016

Everyone is talking about President…

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Havana Cabana? Airbnb Checks in to Cuba

Once Pres. Obama ventured down to Cuba, you knew the forces of capitalism would soon follow.

One of the early corporate Cubano$: Airbnb, which ran the full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times. 39 more words

Obama Administration Allows SF-Based AirBnB To List Cuba Residences

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Online lodging service Airbnb is allowing travelers from around the world to book stays in private homes in Cuba after the San Francisco-based company received a special authorization from the Obama administration, Airbnb announced Sunday. 440 more words


Why Obama didn’t bomb Syria in 2013

Okay it is not ancient history….but still history and one of those perspectives that irritates so many……(they will get over it)……

There has been lots of speculation why Obama did not give the order to bomb Syria back in 2013….most of which is coming from the GOP side of the spectrum….they use his lack of action as a sign of his weakness in foreign policy….and now with the 2016 election creeping closer I am sure that we will hear even more of the accusations….. 203 more words

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Obama At SxSW: 'Fetishizing' Smartphones 'Can't Be The Right Answer'

AUSTIN (CBS/AP) — President Barack Obama sided with law enforcement Friday in the debate pitting encryption and personal privacy against national security, arguing that authorities need access to data on electronic devices because the “dangers are real.” … 726 more words


"Spotlight" Bares Hollywood's Hypocrisy

I’ve stated before that Big-Lie-Anti-Catholicism is America’s favorite sport, and last night’s Oscars just proved me right once again. I refuse to see Spotlight, but I have read enough about it, including interviews with the creators of this waste of celluloid to understand its point of view. 869 more words

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