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Obama: Historic Trump meeting was 'excellent'

President-elect Donald Trump called President Barack Obama a very fine man as the two long-time antagonists met in the Oval Office in a ritual epitomizing the peaceful transfer of power. 700 more words


Comedian Bill Maher Campaigns And Obama Elects To Be On His Show At Last

NEW YORK (AP) — Bill Maher got an early holiday gift this week: a much-sought-after sit-down with President Barack Obama.

There were no bombshells or funny business during the conversation taped Tuesday at the White House and aired on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday night. 316 more words


The Obama Legacy

I have said all along that foreign policy would be the most important issue in 2016…..the problem is NO one of the candidates wants to talk about the issue seriously….instead we get platitudes, catch phrases and applause lines…..none of which really illustrates their knowledge of international situations. 403 more words

International Situations

Open Letter To Conservatives: Stop Looking Forward To 2020

Too often as I go down my newsfeed on Facebook and even elsewhere on the internet, I find conservatives, and some activists across the board, feeling down and trying to be chipper. 419 more words


#NaptownNewsie: Air Polution May Impact Indy Today; NY/NJ Bombing Suspect Will Face Attempted Cop-Killing Charges; Police-Action Killing Of OK's Terrance Crutcher Raises Questions; George H.W. Bush Is Reportedly 'With Her' Voting For Clinton; More

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It’s an Air Quality Action Day. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued the alert for Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, and nine other central Indiana counties. 787 more words


Boston Herald: Home of the Ultimate Trump Chumps

The Boston Herald is so far in the tank for Donald Trump these days, its editors should be wearing scuba gear.

Exhibit Umpteen: Today’s edition of the flunky local tabloid, starting with Page One. 353 more words

Pres. Obama Urges Americans To Tamp Down Inflammatory Rhetoric

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — Confronting another killing of police officers, President Barack Obama on Sunday urged Americans to tamp down inflammatory words and actions as a violent summer collides with the nation’s heated presidential campaign. 406 more words