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Indiegogo now lets you fund via token sale

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Crowdfunding service and Kickstarter-competitor Indiegogo is now offering an ICO service alongside its partner, MicroVentures. The company will allow users to participate in SEC-complaint ICOs and, like its… 284 more words


1 easy trick to scaling your business as a Solution Provider

You’re a business owner, head of Sales, the leader of a Systems Engineering (SE) division, or maybe a Systems Engineer yourself, and no matter what you do the team always seems to be too busy with billable work to deliver great documentation to your customers. 1,383 more words


A photo-blog about transforming the Dell EMC experience.

Over 30,000 miles. That’s how much I’ve traveled this year. Here’s why.

I see a need to transform how we engage our customers, to be far more relevant. 779 more words


Amping up the connection

For most of a decade now, I’ve been in a pre-sales capacity in my work life. I’ve found the work amazingly rewarding, and intellectually challenging. I’ve been associated with some awesome salespeople, some incredible customers and have had a fair degree of success. 552 more words

Improving your presentation skills

Whether you’re working through a fix with a customer as a support analyst, negotiating for greater budget as a technology leader, or proposing a technical solution to a business problem as an IT solution vendor, you are presenting.  429 more words


Climbing the mountain

When I joined Zerto back in 2012 I knew I was in for an adventure. At the time I was hired the company had less than 50 employees worldwide, a few dozen reseller-partners, a handful of Cloud Providers offering Zerto-as-a-Service, and a 2.0 product which usually took a couple of hours of hands-on work to get up and running. 779 more words


The relevance of the Pre-Sales Engineering (PSE) perspective

It is an art, it is a professional profile, but it is also a crucial point of view in every organization. It comes really in dozens of forms and several articles have tried to describe the terms interfering with such role; let me mention… 1,733 more words