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PCA Trumped

Or, how politics matters more than communion:

But a few predicted that this election could permanently damage attempts to create unity among evangelicals. “I spend most of my time in ministry talking and teaching about racial reconciliation,” said Jemar Tisby, the president of the Reformed African American Network, a “theologically traditional” coalition of black Christians and churches, as he described it.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum

One Church's Path to Racial Diversity

This month’s story on PCA Voices features George Robertson, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta and the moderator of the PCA’s 44th General Assembly.

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Presbyterian Church In America

Divorce, Remarriage, and Consequences

I originally prepared this post on September 19th, but decided not to publish it. At that time, after praying, I felt that since Tullian had not engaged (to my knowledge) in public teaching, writing, or anything else that seemed to represent a desire to continue to be a public personality, that I should treat him like I would any other Christian for whom I was aware of a sin issue. 956 more words

Tullian Tchividjian

Tim Keller with Hair (and coiffed to boot)?

Let this be a lesson to the PCA where some want women to do the same things that men already do (sometimes poorly):

Since the 1990s women have found plentiful opportunities to fill positions in the upper echelons of the national security apparatus.

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Adventures In Church History

My Installation as a Presbyterian Minister

After seven months of studying, written exams, oral exams, approval of a presbytery, I was installed last Sunday evening, July 24, as an ordained minister in the… 63 more words


What is the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America?

Several years ago the Iraqis were struggling to put together a new constitution. Jay Leno responded during his monologue by saying, “Why don’t we let them have ours? 395 more words

A Solemn Covenant with God and His Church—Part V

Today I am writing about the last membership vow that a new member of a local Presbyterian Church in America congregation takes to become a part of that body. 767 more words