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Bottle cap Match - Size Comparison Activity

Bottle cap match is a simple sorting activity for toddlers & preschoolers which helps develop shape & size recognition. It is a great activity to practice ordering by size.👍 193 more words


Μαγνητικό τραπέζι για τα προνήπια

από την Χαριτίνη Σταυρουλάκη

Προετοιμαζοντας τα παιδια για την επισκεψη στο Κέντρο Ερευνας για την Τεχνη και τις Επιστημες του γλύπτη Τάκη και προσπαθώντας να καταλάβουμε τι είναι το μαγνητικο πεδίο, φτιάξαμε στην τάξη των προνηπίων αυτό το «μαγνητικο τραπέζι» όπου αιωρούνται μεταλλικά καρφια ή μικροτεροι μαγνήτες.

Τα παιδια, θαυμάζουν – παίζουν με την κίνηση των αντικειμενων  και τις αποστασεις τους.

Ολα αυτα φυσικά ως απόρροια του project των παιδιων για τα ορυκτά!

Dorothy Snot

A Worthwhile Vigil

Preschool Enrollment – A Worthwhile Vigil

Some stood sipping cups of hot coffee, others sat wrapped in blankets in their lawn chairs, still others propped themselves against the stucco wall to wait it out. 167 more words

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We Help Mommy

There is no question that I love finding new books for my kids and me to enjoy for the first time together. However, as fun as that is, it can’t compare to watching them fall in love with a book I also loved as a child. 280 more words


Running an Errand

This morning, I was tidying up our circle time area and found a book that Ms. Lauren had loaned me that I needed to return. Since I’m still struggling to get around quickly, I decided to utilize my “teacher helper” job and send one of my preschoolers down the hall to return the book. 227 more words

Slice Of Life

Preschool Blind Date

Making friends when you get older is hard. Making friends as a mama is super hard because it’s not just about whether you click or not, there are little people involved who now play a role in the relationship dynamics m. 421 more words


The Privilege of Serving

Halie DeGuzman

Since being in the Philippines, the homeland I never knew, many people have asked me how I’ve enjoyed my stay.

I’ve been living with a host-family and interning with Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. 402 more words