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Week 2!

Hello Family!

Each week we get to do art, watch a short movie, play in the water, go to chapel and enjoy a show at the big school! 111 more words


B is for Bees

In continuation of our June learning theme we decided to focus on bees this week. So down I went into researching about bees and gathering the materials together for my children. 673 more words


Behind speech & SPED

Welcome to my blog! I am new at this, so please bear with me.

I wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit about myself, why I started this blog, and what I hope to accomplish. 306 more words


Brats and Cuties: Take the First and Wise Step Towards Bright Future

Every parent wants their kids to be enrolled in the best school especially when their kids are just 3-4 years old. Of course, the beginning should be excellent as it gives the confidence to face all the stages of life positively. 272 more words


Authentic Education for Young Children

Allow me to start right off by saying that learning is not something that should be done TO the child. Learning is something that the child DOES and—as noted in my previous article—it begins with the effort of the child. 1,826 more words

Early Childhood Education

DIY Sensory Activities for your Child With Autism

Dysfunctional sensory system is a common Symptom of Autism as well as other developmental disabilities. In this, sometimes one or more senses can either be hypo or hyper sensitive to stimulation and can lead to behaviors like rocking, spinning, and hand- flapping, irritability and hyperactivity. 71 more words


School Drop-Offs

The pavements are well worn by the walking school mums. On a sunny day there is nothing better to see than the mums herding the kids together as they venture a little further on their scooters and bikes but when it rains, everything changes for them all. 278 more words