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Screened In: Dealing with Screen Time and Preschoolers

I know a lot of screen-free families. I know a lot of families who have hard and fast rules about tablets, iPhones, and screen time. 557 more words


Read Aloud Resources

If I had a whole day with absolutely nothing to do (ha, ha!), how would I spend my time? Reading, of course!

I’ve mentioned before… 574 more words


A Simple Tea Party For My Daughter's 5th Birthday

My daughter turned 5 last month and she is fully in the princess phase of childhood.  Pink and purple are the preferred colours, dress-up clothes are worn more often than regular clothes, and tea parties are a favourite activity. 421 more words


Preschool Game for iPad and iPhone is Live! Pop Xtreme

This crazy-fast game for small children, including  preschoolers, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.  The idea is simple, but they will have to be fast!  86 more words


Round-Up: Valentine's Day in American Sign Language | San Antonio Baby Sign Language

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! In case you were wanting to learn a few ASL signs to share with your sweetheart, here are our favorite posts and videos! 21 more words


4 Simple Tips to Boost Your Child's Immune System

Getting sick is a fact of life for kids, especially around this time of year.  There are smart steps you can take, however, to help reduce their number of sick days.  401 more words


Simple Valentine's Day Tot Trays

Valentine’s Day is such a fun (and simple) theme for Tot School! The girls and I took a quick trip through Dollar Tree last week, but we already had most of these materials on hand. 506 more words