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Superman ice cream and the decision-making process

We were at our local sandwich shop last night, meeting with friends for an impromptu dinner. As a treat, Girl wanted a delectable-looking chocolate cake ball, complete with colorful sprinkles. 367 more words



“ is shaking my hand vigorously,” Boy said in the car the other day.

Vigorously? It’s true. She was.

According to my friend Lucie, when he turned two, he said, “I got to be two today!” Because English is her second language, she didn’t realize until she repeated it to her husband that it wasn’t quite right in English – but still, she said, she was impressed, and she repeated it to me today, these two years later. 214 more words


Trouble with glasses


Monday, February 27th. Yesterday.

It is lunchtime. Boy and I sit across the table from one another; Girl is at school. On my plate, a sandwich; on his, a quesadilla. 615 more words

Children's Books

Hi, I'm The Mom of the Bad Kid

As featured in Huffington Post Parents

We all know the kid. They were in every class we had in school growing up.

They’re in our kids’ classes now. 991 more words

I'm going to tell you a Mitzi

isIt’s short and sweet and goes like this:

Once there was a girl named Mitzi, and she had a little brother named Jacob. They slept in the same room and in the same big bed, each sprawled on her or his own side. 204 more words


Movement with Preschoolers

There have been more than a few times in workshops when I have jumped between being a participant and some level of facilitator. I have been involved with preschoolers through senior citizens in groups that featured some aspect of the Halprin Method/Motional Processing/Life Art Process. 1,285 more words

Dance Movement Therapy

I'm Going Back to Kindergarten

I think it is time to go back to kindergarten.

No, I’m not talking about JC. I’m talking about us. People. Everywhere.

I don’t have to recap for you what has been going on in the world. 389 more words