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Meet the Devil himself.

Prescott Bush was the father of George H. W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was the founder of the CIA and the founding member of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), a banking corporation in the US. 1,007 more words

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False Modesty & Morning Joe Scarborough

As far as TV talking heads go, Joe Scarborough is not the best, but he’s far from the worst. Still, every once in a while Joe makes a comment, apparently off-the-cuff, that makes no sense at all, as he did during his discussion of the… 977 more words


Judge Scalia and the Bohemian Grove

Judge Scalia’s hunting camp, where he died,  was actually a club for rich, white, creepy men who, essentially, want to rule the world.  They were not the Bohemian Grove, but apparently, a tributary of the Bohemian Grove. 249 more words

Give Me Your Young Yearning To Make A Buck

Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah!

During a recent traffic stop in Akron, Ohio – one of the five occupants of a 2014 Kia, a Canton resident, was arrested on felony weapons charges. 1,626 more words

We must maintain strong defenses, military and spiritual. – Prescott Bush http://ift.tt/28NzJTX

Prescott Bush

We must maintain strong defenses, military and spiritual. – Prescott Bush http://ift.tt/1U91LDI

Prescott Bush

Bush Family Links to Nazi Germany: “A Famous American Family” Made its Fortune from the Nazis

The American public is not aware of the links of the Bush family to Nazi Germany because the historical record has been carefully withheld by the mainstream media. 1,432 more words

World At War