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The Day I Woke Up From The Prison I Was Calling Life With Prescription Medications

In 2009 I became ill with chronic pain and headaches. I proceeded to see numerous doctors all only prescribing me medication to help me with my illness. 811 more words

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Stuff We All Get

When I got married, I inherited a staggering amount of pharmaceutical office supplies. Some women marry into wealth. Some women carry a substantial dowry; others, a hope chest full of handmade linens and needlework. 550 more words


When Prescription Abuse Among Veterans Accelerates Into Heroin Addiction

Colby’s death is one of at least five fatal overdoses with direct links to the Tomah VA while Houlihan was in charge. Some, like Colby, overdosed primarily on prescription medications.

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May cause weight gain

Doctor: Ma’am, I have great news! Your test results have revealed what’s been ailing you and we may have a solution.

Me: Okay doc, go on… 484 more words

Find Out How To Eliminate Your Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and chances are pretty good that you’ve suffered the occasional, or perhaps more frequent, breakout. But what do you do when a breakout strikes? 279 more words


Prescription Drugs Leading By Example

Why focus on prescription drugs? Research shows that more deaths are now occurring each year from accidental drug overdose than from car accidents. Someone in the US dies EVERY 15 MINUTES from an accidental overdose. 599 more words


My Medicine Cabinet Looks Like a Pharmacy!

Until a few years ago it was standard practice to tell people to just flush prescription and over the counter medications that were out of date or just were not going to be taken. 509 more words