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Dying From an Opioid Overdose Is More Common Than You Think

Since 2000, the number of overdose deaths from drugs in the U.S. has risen more than 137%. Deaths from opioids—which include painkillers and heroin—make up a large portion of these deaths; 91 Americans… 343 more words

Most People Who Misuse Opioids Don’t Have a Prescription

In the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, government researchers documented the extent of the opioid epidemic in the U.S., providing details on which groups are most vulnerable to abuse and addiction, and the factors that drive misuse. 373 more words

Teens Are Getting More Depressed But Using Fewer Drugs

The latest snapshot of mental health and substance abuse among teens and adults tells a mixed story of optimism and opportunities for improvement. While teens are using fewer substances now than in the past, the overall opioid epidemic shows no signs of slowing. 281 more words

Stunning Opioid Addiction Findings in Maryland

Did you ever read something in the news that just knocked your socks off? Especially since it made clear that a problem that was easy to dismiss as happening somewhere far from home is actually happening painfully close to home? 438 more words

These Are the 10 Most Deadly Drugs

From 2010 to 2014, the number of people dying from drug overdoses in the U.S. increased by 23%, according to data from the National Vital Statistics System… 237 more words