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A Crisis of Belief, part 1

I grew up in a conservative Christian environment. This shaped much of who I was and am; after high school I attended a very conservative Bible college. 497 more words


Acts 2 and the Holy Spirit

The Rundown

The disciples have gathered in Jerusalem, awaiting the “baptism the Holy Spirit” that Jesus had promised in Acts 1:5. It is Pentecost, the 50th day after the Sabbath of Passover week (which was also the day Jesus was resurrected). 548 more words


Spelling is not grammar, take 2

I’ve written before about how spelling mistakes are not grammar mistakes, and gave an example of how you could test this. In the case of… 1,688 more words


Acts 1 and the choosing of leaders

Acts 1 begins with an introduction from the writer, Luke. Originally a two-volume piece called “Luke-Acts” (10 points for originality), these books are a biography; Luke is a biographical account of Jesus and his ministry while Acts is a biographical account of the early church. 391 more words

Acts Of The Apostles

Like Father Like Son Like Grandson

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Patriarchs of the Jewish faith. Jacob would have the twelve sons, Abraham’s great-grandsons, from which the twelve tribes of Israel get their names. 483 more words


Jumping Over the Candlestick

Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over the candlestick.

While there are few who would accuse Mother Goose of being a bastion of leadership wisdom, don’t sell the old gal short. 433 more words