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Case Solution for Trionym Systems: Investment Decision-Making Using Prescriptive Analytics

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Trionym Systems: Investment Decision-Making Using Prescriptive Analytics

Authors :           Owen Hall, Kenneth Ko

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 157 more words


#40 - "Sophistigear Strike"

“Sophistigear Strike.”

Why do I like this phrase?

Why do I enjoy writing it?

I can’t tell just what type of sentence fragment it even is.   419 more words

Would you select prescriptive or descriptive method of teaching grammar? Give reasons?

There are, certainly, different ideas from different people and no method or approach can be thought of as the ultimate for learning. Although this is said, I would certainly lean towards a more descriptive method of teaching as opposed to a prescriptive one. 1,194 more words


Descriptive vs. prescriptive in running.

When I read articles about running, I often come across phrases like “no single foot-strike pattern is representative of the entire running population.” True enough, but it doesn’t really help runners: all it does is describe the present state of affairs of the running population. 494 more words


A Crisis of Belief, part 2

My first real “crisis of belief” began in 1988. I went off to a Bible College that I clearly was not prepared for. I met great friends, and also the person who’d become my wife. 519 more words


A Crisis of Belief, part 1

I grew up in a conservative Christian environment. This shaped much of who I was and am; after high school I attended a very conservative Bible college. 497 more words


Acts 2 and the Holy Spirit

The Rundown

The disciples have gathered in Jerusalem, awaiting the “baptism the Holy Spirit” that Jesus had promised in Acts 1:5. It is Pentecost, the 50th day after the Sabbath of Passover week (which was also the day Jesus was resurrected). 548 more words