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​Izzit? – Lexicography, lexicographers, and the words they put in dictionaries

Two articles from the New York Times on lexicography, lexicographers, and the words they put in dictionaries.

Jennifer Schuessler talks to Kory Stamper, a lexicographer at Merriam-Webster, the USA’s foremost dictionary publisher. 274 more words


8 New Philippine Laws: Part 5 of 8 Longer Prescriptive Period For Crimes Of Graft And Corruption

While a law graft and corruption is being enforced, the Republic Act no. 10910 will extend its prescription period from fifteen to twenty years.

Prescriptive vs. Non-Prescriptive Orthotics

The difference between prescriptive and non-prescriptive orthotics may have a significant impact on your foot condition.

3 Questions Posed in "Bad Language"

Lars-gunnar Andersson and Peter Trudgill pose three questions in the Introduction of Bad Language. (p.6)

  1. Are people’s vocabularies smaller today than before?
  2. Is English changing faster today than it did before?
  3. 302 more words
Bad Language

The 1 .. 2 .. 3 of Analytics

In today’s world, Analytics refers to a complete set of big data and analytics solutions which can solve the most difficult business questions, unearth otherwise unrecognizable patterns and provide improvement suggestions proactively. 164 more words


Arendt: Is Christianity Totalising?

Well, for the first time in what feels like too long, we’re coming back to Christianity. When I started The Origins of Totalitarianism, I had a suspicion that Christianity could be described as sharing particular structural similarities with a totalitarian state – that is, with Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. 1,036 more words


Customer State Machine

With customers using multiple touch-points, it is very important to engage them at every touch-point with relevance and context. In order to do that to every single customer, you have to resort to machine driven intelligent automation, which can learn and compute from past and present behavior in order to create true context and relevance in every customer’s experience. 222 more words

Customer State Machine