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A Profound Courtesy

There are times when I look at my children and become so overcome with gratitude it actually momentarily takes my breath away. In our family we call these ‘love attacks’. 477 more words


Five Advanced Listening Skills: Hearing Yourself First

I’ve been writing a lot about being in the midst of a sea of change lately. It is quite an interesting experience to have a number of significant aspects of one’s life feel like they are unfamiliar at the same time. 1,338 more words


Participation Ribbons

This morning, I woke up. I got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom. I did bathroom things. I chose clothes and applied them to my body. 310 more words

Facing Reality

Tricks of Presence

One of the worst things about grief, to me, is that there is fuck-all I can do about it. I mean, my normal M.O. when I’m dealing with a hard thing is to understand and feel it to death. 324 more words


How Will You Ultimately Measure Your Success?

Tomorrow is the first day of my “first retirement”. That’s the day where I deliberately shift the way I think of myself from “needing to work” to “wanting to work”. 920 more words

Personal Growth


 If deer were human… Thankfully, they’re not.

Peace out.


Addiction And Recovery