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Proudly Imperfect!

Louise Gallagher over at Dare Boldly published a great post this week that was titled “Pride: it cometh after the fall too“. In it Louise discusses how our pride can get in the way doing what really needs to be done because we’re too worried about what others might think, instead of worrying less about how we’re perceived and just doing the right thing. 1,114 more words

Personal Growth


I have been in a fog for a good two weeks.  Not exactly sure why although I suspect my month-long vacation is to blame.  I know, I know.  762 more words

Living In The Moment;

Wading In

I am – and always have been –  utterly dependent on people who are willing to get their hands dirty. Most notably and quite literally these days, my car mechanic and my bike mechanic. 341 more words


Four Levels Of Living Purposefully

Living my purpose has been on my mind a lot lately.  I think it comes with the idea of retirement, and other times where we make a major change in the rhythms of our life. 1,272 more words

Personal Growth

God Is Not Elsewhere

Skye Jethani wrote a book about it. Brene Brown shared in this video about it. On Monday, you read how Madeline made her way to it in her journey of physical pain. 341 more words

Embracing Presence

Confessions of a Jealous and Guilty Mama

It’s the beginning of my last few days off.

It’s the time in my graduate program where I have to quite my job, and pay to work. 473 more words