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365 Days of Presence, Lenten Recap

So, I had given up blogging for Lent (See “Am I Enough?”) so that I could focus on my yearly goal of being more present in the moment and to refocus what this blog was all about. 114 more words

365 Days

Applied Mindfulness: Grace Works through the Pause

Hitting the Pause Button enables me to harness my full creative powers to write, draw, speak, and strategize from a neutral space- with no over-riding agenda. 418 more words

Life Lessons

Family & "Family," Holidays & *Signs*

This past holiday weekend, I was feeling soooo homesick. Sure, I have a boatload of amazing friends here who now feel like family, plus I am SO lucky to have a surrogate “West Coast family” (my brother’s in-laws), who could NOT be more welcoming or warm to be around. 425 more words


Mommy, Will You Hold Me?

My daughter is 2 1/2 now… And in the 90th percentile for height and weight. She’s full of energy, social, independent, a smarty pants, talkative, and she loves to be held… 602 more words


On Showing Up

Much of my learning has the feel of remembering. Or remembering after forgetting might be more like it. A fresh recognition of something, an experience, a truth perhaps, whose acquaintance I’ve made before.  559 more words



“As we march toward the next anticipated event, we seem not to see that the treasure that we seek lies not in where we are going, but in the simple nature of the very footsteps that we take.  40 more words