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The paradox of "seeking"

It is in the seeking of intangible things that I lose myself.

I lose that which was sought after, before the search ever began. And what I’m learning, is this: … 218 more words


Go out into the woods, child.

Go out into the woods, child, go out.  Let your feet carry you on the worn path behind the house, down to the marshy shore of the lake. 188 more words


Overcoming Resistance: 3 Levels And How To Deal With Them

Have you ever noticed that when you push against resistance  that you generally get even greater resistance in return?  For example, you ask someone to do something and they refuse.   1,170 more words


Healing Our Fatherless Wounds

One of my weekly self-care practices that I most look forward to is getting a manicure.  I simply love the pampering.  I enjoy the filing and buffing of my nails, the neatening of my cuticles and, of course, the relaxing massage that accompanies it all.  679 more words

The Art Of Being In Control (or Not)

I had a great new experience last week.  I sat down with a friend to record my first ever podcast.  Justin Bergeron is a professional coach and a savvy social media sort of guy.   1,150 more words

Personal Growth

Performing At Your Best In Critical Moments

This past week I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a session for Laid Off Calgary, a support group for people who have lost their jobs in the recent economic downturn in Calgary.   1,405 more words


Malibu Hikers!

“What do these women wish to achieve by hiking up these hills in Malibu?”

Imagine a very proper Brittish accent with a sort of chronic, cynical way of being in life asking this question, I was telling her about the out of town visitors I’ve been leading on private hikes in Malibu. 258 more words