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The Rose

The Rose is without why
She blooms because she blooms
She does not care for herself,
Asks not if she is seen.

~Meister Eckhart, (1260 – 1328)


Navigating from Giving To Gaining

I recently was invited by a friend to attend a networking meeting as a guest.  Aside from appreciating the generosity of my friend to include me, I got a lot from the entire experience. 989 more words


ISO a Stronger Connection

{*Published after the fact, back in the big city. I miss the quiet; my brain feels rattled already on a particularly noisy night in my ‘hood.} 252 more words


It all matters.

Every tiny bit of ourselves that we put into the world matters.

I was in a store the other day and heard a father talking calmly and lovingly but firmly with his little girl (who was maybe 4 or 5). 429 more words


How was your day?

How was your day?

Yes, your day. I’d like to hear how your day was, so if you feel like writing a note to let me know, I hope you will. 659 more words


Give Yourself the Gift of the Present Moment

This particular reminder is one that I always find myself coming back to.

Staying present is really one of the most important reminders that I could give to myself or to anyone.  206 more words



“I am this trail.  I am these trees.  I am this rain. I am this breeze”.

These are the words I would repeat in my mind in an effort to take the pain in my knee away! 282 more words