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Malibu Hikers!

“What do these women wish to achieve by hiking up these hills in Malibu?”

Imagine a very proper Brittish accent with a sort of chronic, cynical way of being in life asking this question, I was telling her about the out of town visitors I’ve been leading on private hikes in Malibu. 258 more words


The Gift of Presence: Even When the Going Gets Tough

When you work in healthcare, whether it’s in a fitness center, in customer service, in management, in coaching, as a physician, a nurse or administrative assistant, you are reminded, on a regular basis, that life is hard for people.  684 more words


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The freaking rainbow..

Soooo today I was ridiculous.

I mean, I believe my husband had his moments of ridiculousness too, but listen, we I started an argument while talking about a freaking… 1,005 more words


A Vodka of Rose-Scented Geranium

Rose-Scented Geranium (pelargonium), never sprayed, cut in high summer, and steeped in vodka of any kind with a little sugar for at least six months.  A pale yellow. 126 more words

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Live Imperfectly, Dad is dying, and I Have no Power.

Living with someone like tomorrow might be their last is much harder to do when it is actually the case.

My dad told me, after my nine-year old niece died, that a parent should never outlive their child. 509 more words

Self Care

A Summer Day

Wake up to bird song, or waves or whispering pines.  Open your eyes to the dawning of a new day, and wander toward voices when you are ready for company of the community. 264 more words


Unpack the Shame from your Suitcase

It’s summertime and for most of us that means long-awaited vacations, time on the beach, family reunions, summer gatherings etc. What this also means is that there are millions of people out there who are letting the joy of their events be eclipsed by the shame they feel about their body heading in to it. 587 more words