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A Different Perspective

I came across this poem today.  Good food for thought on days when I think I’m right.

Possible Answers to Prayer
By Scott Cairns

Your petitions—though they continue to bear… 108 more words



Esteem for the presence, born from the heart.

A yearning.

And that tension

and back-of-forth of value

Grateful –

And in that place

a presence across the back, 7 more words


Galactic Center, Center Stage - Are You a G.C. Transmitter?

Once again, the Cosmic Symphony will feature some potent Galactic Center-empowered play as we move through this month and cross the threshold of the year-end Holy Days and into a fresh new calendar year. 261 more words

Astro-Energetics & Power Portals

Might You Be an Uncommon Leader and Island of Sanity?

“I know it is possible for leaders to use their power and influence, their insight and compassion, to lead people back to an understanding of who we are as human beings, to create conditions for our basic human qualities of generosity, contribution, community, and love to be evoked no matter what.”

503 more words
Muse-Worthy Quotations

The paradox of "seeking"

It is in the seeking of intangible things that I lose myself.

I lose that which was sought after, before the search ever began. And what I’m learning, is this: … 218 more words


Go out into the woods, child.

Go out into the woods, child, go out.  Let your feet carry you on the worn path behind the house, down to the marshy shore of the lake. 188 more words


Overcoming Resistance: 3 Levels And How To Deal With Them

Have you ever noticed that when you push against resistance  that you generally get even greater resistance in return?  For example, you ask someone to do something and they refuse.   1,170 more words