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Gluttony = “excessive eating or drinking” – a lack of self – control
My wife brought home strawberry shortcake the other night. It was late – almost bedtime – and I know that I should not eat before going to bed because it always causes indigestion. 883 more words

A REAL Relationship! Day 9

In this life there are very few things we should ever take for granted. In fact almost everything in our lives is subject to change. The only true constant in our lives is God. 223 more words

Daily Devotional

A REAL Relationship! Day 8

If you have ever accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour then you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are NEVER alone. NEVER EVER! 128 more words

Bible Study

40-Day Journey Devotional with the Lord Day 37

Grace and Peace Family,


WELCOME BACK to Week EIGHT of our 40-Day Journey Devotional with the Lord!!!


This is our final week of the journey, and I am excited to see results from this great work that the Lord is doing in each and everyone of us. 561 more words

Musical Encouragement

A REAL Relationship! Day 7

Why are there mornings that we feel we would rather do anything else but spend time with God? Why do we often find it so easy to replace time with God with useless things such as watching tv, reading any other book but the bible, or spending hours each day checking our social media sites? 201 more words

Bible Study

Carriers of God's Presence

It is not the words we say or preach anymore. When words will be said by people that lives them and for whom what he’s saying is a reality -those words will produce a 5 dimension experience in the hearers, bringing God alive right there and they will experience God also. 72 more words

Presence Of God

It's Not About Me!!

Ray Meleke RMM 24th August 2015

BECOMING A WORSHIP LEADER isn’t about the Fur-Suit nor Pur-suit of a ministry or a career; it’s about the personal relationship one builds with God! 327 more words