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Swear by heaven (Mt 23:20-23:22)

“Whoever swears

By the altar,

Swears by it

And everything on it.

Whoever swears

By the Temple,

Swears by it

And the one

Who dwells in it. 95 more words

Power in Humility

I am convinced in the power of humility. Especially in the area of Christian ministry. Of allowing God to break you, to strip you to the core of seeking a lifestyle of brokenness and humility before God and being humble before other people. 628 more words

Doxa Encounters Ministries

Marinating in the God Life

We live in a time where we want everything in life microwaved. Instant rice. Instant tea. Dinner in 10 minutes. Quick. Fast. Hurry.  Many don’t remember a time where you had to wait a proper amount of time for food to properly and wholly be created, warmed, or baked. 480 more words

A Glimpse of Eternity

Eternity; what does it mean to you?

Eternity, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is the quality or the state of being eternal. And ‘eternal’ 874 more words

Find His Presence

Sometimes we have our worries
Sometimes we have our doubt
Sometimes we have a problem
That we cannot work out

Sometimes we feel abandoned
Sometimes our fear is strong… 131 more words


On You I Wait

Show me Your ways,

O Lord;

Teach me Your paths,

Lead me in Your truth and teach me

For You are the God of my salvation;

215 more words

In Awe! - pt 2

Directing The Current

Awe.  It is an incredible feeling that seems to take your breath away.  And there are a lot of things in our world today, from the simplest of things, like taking that first bite of an amazing new flavour of ice cream, to some incredibly complex and beautiful sights that people from around the world flock to go see. 256 more words

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