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Straw Into Gold

Struggling to find You in my heart
I wade through pain and confusion,
Impatience and isolation;
I wade through what I think should be;
I wade through judgments and anger; 417 more words

Sacred Heart

The Secret of Being Successfully Happy

WARNING: This blog post is totally unrelated to photography.

Happiness is a topic that has been haunting me all day – popping up in my e-mails, jumping at me from the Facebook pages I follow, and materializing in conversations with friends. 961 more words

Slava Bowman Photography

Self-sabotage: Breaking down the conditioned thought processes of the mind

It’s easy to find presence and remain in the state of conscious awareness when things are going well, for instance, when;

  • Relationships are blossoming,
  • You’re moving your body,
  • 555 more words

Becoming a Cleaner

This morning I went for an informal interview for a job as a cleaner. The company is Zenith Cleaning. A friend recently recommended it to me as an organization befitting my ideals. 771 more words

When lightning strikes

I’m home!

After the delay, a sleepless night and then crossing the country I don’t feel anything especially profound to share at the moment. I got the final signatures on a house sale right after I landed so I’ve also sold a house today as well. 182 more words



Well its been a while since I wrote a blog. Tonight as I sit here I think to myself, “Life has changed so much in just a few short months”. 257 more words


The theme for this month is being present. So here is the first question to reflect on and share this month — http://inspiritual.biz/spiritual-discussion/2015/3/2/presence