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Elders ... there is old and there is obsolete..u must get old..

We all grow til we go.… so some of us are going to get OLD… I know most people react to that word… worse than any 4 letter word i know…” I am the same as I was” BS… that is not the point to be the same…!. 308 more words


These wonderful bird-dancings –

seeing this, I wrote a poem:


When we cloudbliss,

we are reminding you

of the bliss of flying as

one… 69 more words



Things seem simpler now

in my seventh decade:
truth flows more fluently
into beauty
beauty into compassion
compassion flows
into being
into presence and… 32 more words


greatly blessed, highly flavored, deeply loved

Last night was one of those nights.

When you are so tired you can hardly keep your eyes awake, and just as you are comfy in bed trying to fall asleep…. 433 more words

Blog Jots

Whose Hospitality Is It?

Who is inviting whom inside? Traditionally, we think of our commitment to the Christ as inviting Presence into ourselves, much like Martha opened her home to Jesus. 298 more words

Ordinary Time

Reignited Daily Devotional Day 276: Enjoy the Benefits of Humility

“And when he humbled himself, the anger of the Lord turned away from him, so as not to destroy him completely; and also conditions were good in Judah (2 Chronicles 12:12).” 327 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

From alcohol to mindfulness...

Ok, so I haven’t blogged for AGES. I don’t think I’m a natural blogger at all. But sometimes words just kind of rise up from my heart and feel like they need to be spoken, at least in the written form of ‘speaking’. 951 more words

Alcoholism And Mindfulness