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XXL panties my ass.

I am quite aware I have been absent from the blogging world and I do feel a tinge of guilt for not writing anything new or entertaining for my readers. 636 more words


Hurry up, it's time to watch Star Wars.

Do not worry, I am alive. All is well here in Canadaland. In fact, more than well. I have my B back!

And I have precisely “2 and 5-half minutes” to type this post, as B is watching the clock… We have… 175 more words


Google: Pubic Hair

People come to my blog through many doorways. Most commonly by Facebook, Email and Stumbleupon. When people come to my site through those means, I am unsure what they are searching for. 950 more words

Present Gameplay

And The Winner Is...

And the winner is, well, we’ll never know. In the blog world, unless you’re getting visitors in the millions, you apparently only get nominations for imaginary awards. 789 more words


Ignorance is a Sack of Balls

I feel frustrated with people who lack the motivation to be informed. They jump on the bandwagon of whatever, without the slightest thought to gain knowledge on the subject, they just hop on the wagon fully trusting in the cause. 598 more words


Sorry Balls

Let me put it all out there for my followers, this month is no longer the Month of Cards and has lost all potential to be called so. 258 more words


Starbucks Review: Refreshers (UPDATED)

I love Starbucks, no shocker there. Today I went to Starbucks with some friends and decided to try out one of their new Refresher drinks because, well, I needed a refresher. 470 more words