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Christmas in August

I have something to admit.  I’m listening to Christmas music right now.  I’m not proud to be listening to Christmas music in August, but regardless I thought I’d write a blog post on the topic. 318 more words

Start of a New Life, New Me, New Everything.

I’m Crystal, and at the moment I reside in New Mexico. I started this site, well, because I needed an outlet. An outlet that didn’t involve Facebook or Instagram, where you have those friends and family members that honestly just don’t give two fucks about anyone or anything. 410 more words

The UNSENT Letter (part 1)

To my first love

The day is going to arrive when we first started dating.. the day, i accepted your proposal.. giving the unexpected gift on your b’day… 579 more words

Strange Dreams of the Now and the Not Yet

the storm has passed
i am spent
another night of dreams
full of regret
i awake so exhausted
i wonder if i have slept
i can’t make sense of the world within… 126 more words


Sarah and Sammy Crochelfies

In 2016 the annual event Star Wars Celebration was held at the ExCel in London and myself, my fiance and two of our best friends attended. 202 more words


Window Shopping at The White Company

On occasion I go window shopping in one place and pick out 10 things I would buy no matter the cost. I have been doing this for years and love doing it so I thought why not share it with you as I know I am not alone. 393 more words


Fill Your Well

In order to give love to another person you have to pull from a source of love you already honor. For those visual learners like myself, picture a well filled with the light that you look to when you need direction, understanding, reassurance, etc.. 449 more words