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How to start - and end - your next presentation with impact!

Begin with the ending, end with the beginning

The best presentations are structured like a really good story, with a clear beginning, middle and end. Dale Carnegie’s famous axiom offers a skeleton how-to: “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” But starting your talk with “Today I am going to share with you…”  is not the most dynamic or compelling way to capture an audience’s attention. 427 more words

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How to Reel In Tuned-Out Business Audiences

By Susan de la Vergne

I’ve yet to meet anyone who says, “Oh boy, I’m headed to a presentation, and I can’t wait to listen to a boring voice in a darkened room reading slides I can’t quite see. 337 more words

Presentation Skills

Lessons in Presentation Skills from... WordPress?!

“When I think of you going to ‘BlogFest 2015′ in Portland, I picture you surrounded by a bunch of other introverted, slightly awkward folks, all sitting in a room… maybe even complaining how you were missing this weekend’s… 563 more words




Members of boards are generally very smart, experienced, and successful professionals. They are interested in facts, well-developed ideas, and plans.

They usually grasp ideas and issues very quickly and ask penetrating questions. 850 more words

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The Case for Net Promoter Score as a Measure of Presentation Effectiveness

When it comes to post-training evaluation forms, the rule of thumb to which I’ve adhered is: high scores may not guarantee learning happened, but low scores often guarantee learning… 694 more words


Meetings - A valuable lesson

Had a meeting with a client together with my team for an art installation and it turns out great. I’ve learnt alot of good tips and tricks in being an entrepreneur. 653 more words

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7 ways to not answer a question when you are Presenting.

There are people on the planet who believe that when they are presenting they are required to answer any question they may be asked.  Believing that they, and only they, must answer any question thrown at them, they then do two things, neither of which is very sensible. 650 more words

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