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"Mr. Lecturer, tear down this wall!"

When Communism ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall (yes, I know that the Soviet Union didn’t break up until 1991 and technically China still considers itself “Communist”, but really, everything seemed to end when the Wall fell), it seemed like the last great struggle left in the world was going to be the battle against bad, boring, wasteful learning experiences. 666 more words


"How do I become a more dynamic presenter?"

I was having coffee with a colleague earlier this week. She’s been working in training and development for a while, but felt her boss was looking for her to up her game. 583 more words

Basic Facilitation Skills

Something every facilitator should have in their back pocket? An anatomy lesson.

We were at a bar. It was late. We had a lesson plan for the next day’s meeting, but it was missing something.

After my third club soda and lime, inspiration struck. 399 more words

Basic Facilitation Skills

Just because you have a projector doesn't mean you have to use PowerPoint

As I sat and watched the presenter switch from PowerPoint to a Word document, I was intrigued. 177 more words


What happens when you're not set-up for facilitation success?

Last Thursday, I wrote about the 5 essential ingredients for a successful leadership meeting, strategic planning session or retreat.

More often than not, we’re asked to design and/or facilitate meetings in the absence of one or more of these essential ingredients. 1,133 more words

Basic Facilitation Skills

5 Key Elements to Effective Meeting Design

This past weekend I had an opportunity to facilitate an executive leadership retreat with an organization’s senior staff and Board members. As I reflect on that experience, I really don’t think the meeting could have gone better. 743 more words


Using a Simple Infographic Tool to Visualize your Information

A few weeks ago I asked a colleague to present some information about what her department does during our monthly all-staff meeting. In the past, other people have created short videos to showcase their department’s work. 238 more words

Presentation Skills