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Halloween may be one of my favorite holidays. Elaborate costumes and makeup are my forte, and scary movies are a must. In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to share a spooky short story. 614 more words

Have you ever tried Pecha Kucha? I just did, and this is what I learned...

I’ve written about Pecha Kucha-style presentations before (here and here), but I’d never actually put one together until last week.

For those unfamiliar with Pecha Kucha-style presentations, they are tightly structured presentations that require you to present on your topic using exactly 20 slides, each slide lasting only 20 seconds. 598 more words

Bad Warning Labels

I was looking at a warning label recently that said “Do not iron while wearing shirt”. Warnings like this make me think either someone has indeed attempted to iron their shirt while wearing it, or the team making this warning label was concerned that someone may forget a very basic rule of operating an iron.   588 more words

One presentation can change the world. Here's proof.

I honestly don’t remember what the occasion was or when he gave his speech, but I remember sitting on my couch, watching Barack Obama talk about ways that American citizens could make a contribution. 773 more words

"Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?"

It’s grilling season in Seattle. Last weekend I was at my sister-in-law’s house for a cookout and over dinner my niece and nephews decided to play a round of: “Who can actually get Uncle Brian to laugh?” 684 more words

Speak About Yourself

“Remember: It’s not interesting when you speak about yourself,” Janet – senior HR manager with 25+ years of corporate experience – emphasized when introducing the improvised-speech session in a Toastmasters meeting. 832 more words


Innovating on Storytelling

The temperatures in Seattle this past week hit 70 degrees, which meant that we, along with everyone else across the city, headed to our neighborhood pools in order to seek relief from this oppressive and dangerous heat wave. 421 more words