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Five Big Questions for Creating Learner Engagement

How do you want to travel?

Presentations and workshops are particular journeys for all participants – the facilitator included. From an overall accountability perspective, responsibility for the session sits squarely on the shoulders of the presenter, and rightly so. 399 more words

Clinical Education

Infographic: Why Corporate Training is a Colossal Waste (and What to Do About It)

Would you get upset if you spent $1,000 on a watch that didn’t work? How about spending $40,000 on a car that didn’t go?

Would you be upset if you spent $97.5… 162 more words


What to Wear on Video

Working with online video, the question I get asked most often is, “What should I wear on video?”

That is a great question.

There are several simple things you can do to make sure you look good on-camera, and to ensure your message is communicated without visual distraction.  356 more words

On-camera Video

PowerPoint and Canva are making it easy to create amazing slides... but terrible slides are only part of the problem.

Last week, Microsoft “declared war on boring PowerPoint.” If you have Microsoft 365 for Windows desktop or Windows Mobile, you’ll have access to PowerPoint Designer (for better slide design) and PowerPoint Morph (for better animation). 459 more words


How the best slideware equals poetry

Honesty is the best poetry

I’ve written elsewhere about “PowerPoint Best Practices” and why slide design can make the world a happier place. Images are like poems: their economy is such that they immediately engage our affective (versus cognitive) domain – and affect is hugely influential in learning and knowledge retention. 289 more words

Presentation Skills

3 Tips for Presenting to Challenging Audiences

If you want to get out alive, never swim against the current

A few weeks ago a colleague shared a harrowing story of a presentation gone wrong. 627 more words

Post-secondary Education

Tell more stories!

“Every person is like all others, some others, and no others.”

Night air, pine trees, starlight and throw another log on the fire. Sitting around a fire-pit makes us all storytellers. 348 more words

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