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Innovating on Storytelling

The temperatures in Seattle this past week hit 70 degrees, which meant that we, along with everyone else across the city, headed to our neighborhood pools in order to seek relief from this oppressive and dangerous heat wave. 421 more words


Worth a Thousand Words

From: Daniel

Subject: Great ws

“Lukas, great presentation on the DCP yesterday. The best thing for me was the photo with your club’s officer team preparing the Club Success Plan.” 404 more words


Can you admit when you're wrong?

My daughter’s final spring soccer game took place last Sunday. As the game was winding down and the score was tied 3-3, one of her teammates took a blistering shot and found the back of the net. 727 more words


"But he's a heading west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee"

When I was in Birmingham, AL, last week, someone re-introduced me to Darius Rucker. I loved listening to his band, Hootie and the Blowfish, when I was in college, and I’d heard he’d “gone country” but I hadn’t kept up with his music. 620 more words


"Best day of my life!"

Tomorrow I’ll take my children to a coffee shop in front of their school where we’ll enjoy “Tully’s Friday.” Each Friday we leave the house a little early and we’ll go to Tully’s and order pastries and look up questions to some of life’s most difficult problems (recent examples include: what do you do if you work in a crane and need to go to the bathroom; why can’t we just throw all of Earth’s trash into a volcano) using Google and YouTube. 788 more words


A Word Cloud from 147 L&D Professionals' 6-word Memoirs

Last week I was having coffee with TD magazine editor Alex Moore and I was telling him about the 6-word memoir post I had published in February. 299 more words


Finding Instructional Design Inspiration and Creativity from Unlikely Places

Walking through a lava field in Hawaii a few years ago, I turned to my wife and told her that this was such an inspirational experience… I was getting all sorts of ideas of how to connect this amazing hike with my learning and development projects. 1,120 more words