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Giving a Workshop: My First Time

Every now and then, there’s an opportunity, a special event – in Toastmasters as well as outside – when we’re looking for a speaker to deliver a workshop. 945 more words


A time and place to think inside the box

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “think outside the box” comes from?

After a quick search through several sources and sites, it seems to have originated from some management consultants who used the “ 145 more words

Instructional Design

Need to present data? Read this first.

Data is everywhere. “Big data” might even be the buzz word of 2015. As ubiquitous as data might be, it won’t mean anything if you can’t make sense of it for your audience. 417 more words

Presentation Skills

Using Color-coded Sticky Notes to Create Interactive Visual Aids

Last week I had an opportunity to pilot a training program for managers working with remote teams.

I didn’t just want to talk with the learners about the differences between working with teams that are centrally located versus teams that are dispersed. 444 more words

Basic Facilitation Skills

How to (and How Not to) Get Your Audience to Care About Your Data

Do I want to sign up for a flex spending account? No. I really don’t have any desire to fill out any more forms than I need to. 501 more words

Presentation Skills

Are you limited in the time you have to give a presentation? Try an Ignite-style presentation!

Sometimes we have a lot of really, really important and brilliant things to say, but we’re not given much time in which to say it. There are times when we’re invited to give a 15-minute presentation in front of a coveted audience or we have a paper accepted to be presented at an academic or scientific symposium. 331 more words

Presentation Skills

Five Big Questions for Creating Learner Engagement

How do you want to travel?

Presentations and workshops are particular journeys for all participants – the facilitator included. From an overall accountability perspective,┬áresponsibility for the session sits squarely on the shoulders of the presenter, and rightly so. 399 more words

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