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Don't Fear the Pause

If you listen to experienced speakers, it’s easy to see some real differences in how they step through their presentation than maybe how you go about giving a talk when you are called upon to speak in public. 604 more words


Another Successful Workshop

Another successful week for the Lead & Inspire Initiative. I presented and facilitated the Day Pro-Business Speaking Skills Workshop to the sales team at Precision Meters on Wednesday in Johannesburg. 56 more words

Self Development


Many of the qualities that make a person a good partner in a personal relationship are also found in a good mentor. He or she should be a good listener, committed to the relationship, considerate of the other person’s feelings, trustworthy, and faithful. 438 more words

From The Founder's Desk

Create a Problem and Then Solve It

How well your presentation goes the next time you step up to a podium depends on several factors. But one factor you can control completely is your script. 606 more words


Who do you think you're talking to?

Whether you’re delivering a presentation in person, on a Video call or writing someone an email, you must ensure you get your message across. To ensure effective communication, a key factor is knowing your audience.

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Better Public Speaking

Think of the last really memorable talk or presentation that you attended. Now, was that easy to do, or did you really have to rack your brains to remember one? 638 more words


7 Common Presentation Errors And How To Fix Them

Lights off. Powerpoint on. And the presentation starts. We know the drill. We know it is boring. And yet we go ahead and present the way we do all the time. 1,106 more words

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