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A Summer Soup to Inspire

The end of July is upon us! Roses are fading, but birds are still flying through our copse of Chinese elms—chirping, squawking and  and feasting on fresh thistle and suet. 1,553 more words


Ascension: Rise of Vigil -Energisez votre chance

I – Présentation

Fiche descriptive
Nombre de joueurs : 1-4 joueurs (1-6 avec une extension)
Durée : 30 min
Mécaniques : deckbuilding, gestion de ressources, combo… 2,128 more words


How to Build a Long-Term Business

Agents who scurry around wondering where the next transaction is going to come from are thinking ‘transactionaly.’  In order to build your business for the long haul, you need to think ‘relationaly’.   22 more words


Staying Current


One of the advantages of working in the library is that I feel it affords more of an opportunity to stay current.  Let’s say, for example, that you’re a classroom teacher and you’re wrapping up a unit on Greek Mythology.   729 more words


How to present a public program?

​It’s a given fact that most people are afraid of public speaking. And for so many reasons. It could be the anxiety, stage fright or simply for being shy. 734 more words


Being whatever I want to be

Who Am I? The answer is changes throughout ones’ life, different in every context. Yet performing allows you to slip into a world where you can be whoever you want to be. 265 more words