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Acing Videography Basics

Composition, framing and fancy camera technology often tend to overshadow the importance of a key element in photography and videography — capturing light. It makes a lot of sense to… 87 more words


Speech Review: Malcolm Gladwell on Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

Oh 2004.

TED and it’s humble beginnings. The most iconic speaking conference before it’s “theater of the round” style stages, massive screens, speakers, six thousand person audiences, and six thousand dollar tickets. 585 more words


What a great evening

“I want to thank all the people from the village and other places in the Western Cape for joining me at YUM Eat Cafe during the presentation of my new collection. 59 more words


Effective Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are essential for success in today’s world, where all that glitters is considered gold. In the handout attached below, some points to be remembered while preparing and delivering presentation are given. 12 more words


Presentations (to be added to)

Presentation research:

One thing that my tutor has urged me to do is to look for inspiration for presentation of work. I have made a little bit of a start on this but there is much more to look at. 673 more words


TrialDirector - Tip #48

Tired of seeing “REDACTED” on your redaction’s in Presentation Mode? In the Presentation Preferences \ Tools, you can set how the redaction tool displays. The Options are to show the border, or to show the “Redacted” text

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Whats The Best Presentation Professional A fullfeatured presentation graphics

Also, creating the actual 3D versions (“scene assets”) necessary to populate the animation continues to be a time intensive process. There tend to be some advantages when a “library” associated with standard models can be used (we. 337 more words