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Jane McGonigal on the benefits of playing games

Jane McGonigal shines in this TED Talk. She has a strong and approachable presence on stage, and she clearly cares about her topic and the audience and connects with genuine enthusiasm. 14 more words


General Guidelines for Professional PowerPoints

In high school, I became certified in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel (alas, I was unable to take the Word exam). My instructor gave guidelines for creating PowerPoints that proved to be invaluable. 578 more words


Day Forty Five of SURE

July 31, 2015

Today I met with Professor Ward, and we contacted publishers to let them know that their books are on Omnilibros. A few hours after we have contacted publishers, Independent Publishers Group (IPG), shared on their Facebook page our annotations for Amina by J.L. 68 more words


is your presentation software a dangerous distraction?

Many of us often make presentations to educate or persuade others. Too often the idea or ideas we are trying to communicate are overshadowed by our incorrect use of the presentation software. 100 more words


2 kickass training interactions (classroom or online, or for small-scale webinars)

Interaction #1: Let the “attenders” set the agenda(*)

Have you ever seen a trainer do something that stayed with you for decades?

More than 20 years ago, way back in the 20th century, I saw a trainer use such an awesome technique that I’m still talking about it now – in the next… 650 more words


Mobile Advertising & User Behavior...

Why Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising gives marketers access to captive audience in a hyper-targeted way. It produces immediate response, and a higher response rate, than any other marketing method ever seen before. For more, click Mobile Advertising