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Gravity for 2nd ESO

A relatively short presentation on Gravity aimed for Physics & Chemistry students in 2nd ESO. Definition, weight vs mass, light time and lightyears.




When I realized that few of my students had even met a Jewish person, let alone knew about Chanukah, I decided to create a Chanukah presentation to present instead of or in addition to the typical Christmas presentation. 23 more words


InFORM Marches for Science

InFORM scientists participated in the March for Science on April 22nd across Canada, and across the globe. Tens of thousands of marchers in 600+ locations participated around the world to show their support of science and evidence based policy. 176 more words

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What Do You Stand For?

Join us this Tuesday for another meeting filled with laughter and learning. Our theme will be “What Do You Stand For?” and we will share the the social issues that we are passionate about. 61 more words

Public Speaking

Iconic American Movies

A subjective list of iconic American movies of the past century, with a brief history of Hollywood and American Cinema and many movie clips for examples.



Thanksgiving in the US

A Thanksgiving presentation for high school students.


  • A brief history of Thanksgiving
  • The possibility for a discussion about colonization and controversy surrounding Thanksgiving
  • A funny SNL comedy sketch about Thanksgiving, with an optional explanation of the politics behind the sketch.
  • 36 more words


A longer presentation (covering two class periods) about various aspects of the Baroque period – music, literature, and architecture. For a 3rd ESO history class.