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Back, then forth

Wow, what a busy week! But it was certainly worth it.

I got into Carlisle PA very late on Sunday night. The next morning I had breakfast at the nearby Hamilton Restaurant, a nice cheap diner place that’s been there for 84 years. 1,393 more words


Poster: : Addiction and Disability Studies

Poster : Addiction and Disability Studies: What Can They Learn From Each Other

When I started to work with the knowledge mobilization field (an area focused on helping share information) I wanted to explore my addiction and disability theory some. 149 more words


Imani S. Presents at #PhillyGrandRounds "A Witness to Hunger: A Look at the Unhealthy Impact of Poverty on an American Family"

Witnesses to Hunger were invited to present at Philadelphia Public Health Grand Rounds Poverty & Public Health: Addressing the Causes and Consequences forum. Imani S. presented her talk “A Witness to Hunger: A Look at the Unhealthy Impact of Poverty on an American Family”.

Watch an excerpt below


Tekijänoikeuskasvatushankkeet EU-tasolla

Antipiratismipäivän aikataulu ja ohjelma

Tekijänoikeuskasvatushankkeet  EU-tasolla 

Lataa PowerPoint-esitykseni tästä: Kari Kivinen – esitys 23052017

Henkinen omaisuus

Henkisellä omaisuudella (Intellectual Property eli IP) tarkoitetaan sitä, että ihmisten tekemille keksinnöille, innovaatioille ja luomuksille voidaan hakea suojaa: 971 more words


Columbus Day

This is a presentation which, along with a discussion, will teach the students the history of Columbus Day and encourage them to think critically about the “Discovery” of America.

Columbus Day Presentation


English 2

In case you were out…

  • Work on your paper


  • Work on your paper (due 5/31)
  • 200 min Membean by Monday, May 29 at midnight.

Oh do shut up Allen!

At this meeting, I advertised what I do for my particular company, namely presentations and the Peer Support group. A lady from another company joined us and was very keen to tap into the knowledge and experience gained. 151 more words

Allen Brooks