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Effortless ideas to make your mother feel extra special on "mother's day"

She might irritate you sometimes, drive you crazy but ultimately she loves you, cares for you, listen to all you have to say patiently and is your most trustworthy friend. 448 more words

Late Night Chats With Mrs_daaku

An Unexpected Parcel...


I don’t get many parcels and when I do I have previously ordered them.  So, when I opened the front door and saw it lying on the floor, I didn’t expect it would be for me. 34 more words

From Me For You

You Want It When? - Delayed vs Instant Gratification

How do you open a present? Do you rip the paper off, revealing its contents in a nanosecond? Or do you carefully remove each piece of tape and unwrap the paper (immediately folding it of course) to reveal the gift several minutes after the giver has lost patience? 354 more words


I have neglected this...

I went to post the other day but it screwed up and refused to do as it was damn well told, so I lost everything and it changed the title to ‘Ho, macho’. 557 more words

Gift ideas mom will love for Mother's Day

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Let’s face it, it’s not always easy finding that perfect gift for Mother’s Day. We’re trying to make it a little easier for you with some ideas. 741 more words


Lolito Presents: Vicente Muñoz

Gran parte de la vida cotidiana neoyorkina se basa prácticamente en caminar de un punto a otro. En estos momentos de transeúnte, mirando siempre hacia arriba, fue donde broto la inspiración el artista Vicente Muñoz para crear su nueva exhibición de fotografía “Transparencia Virtual.” Los números fueron lo que este artista estudio como carrera de pre-grado, pero siempre arraigando una sensibilidad por el diseño la vida lo llevo al mundo del arte a través de la fotografía y en este caso su arte se manifestó subconscientemente como un tipo de crítica a las edificaciones como símbolos que albergan a las instituciones que en algún momento admiro durante sus estudios universitarios.  283 more words