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Late Birthday Post (My Presents!!!)

I got so many gifts this year: early, on time, and late. And my 20th birthday was the best everrr, I felt so loved! I got food, clothes, makeup, scarves, jewelry, everything I wanted~ 244 more words


Confession: I still haven't watched Star Wars.

Sooooo I should really finally watch Star Wars, huh?

(Well, technically I did watch Episode III, but only because the movie we wanted to see was sold out or something, and I have basically zero memory of it.) 250 more words


Made to Treasure..

Remember Loquet? 

Well it looks like they’re going to be doing bracelets..charm bracelets.

(All pictures Loquet and Garance Dore)

And so the heavenly lust list gets longer..

Laters, Kate x


How To Celebrate A Birthday

She came back to the living room and stood approximately five steps away from me. I was contemplating my next move. Thinking fast. Should I say my goodbye, turn and leave or should I do what any other man could in such a situation? 1,680 more words


Will you be my Bridesmaid?

I’m ready to put together my bridesmaid presents!


Bridal Shower FAQ

So what is a bridal shower anyway? Sure I’ve been talking about it the last week or so and I’ve shared the excitement of my bridal shower, but I didn’t really have any idea what a bridal shower was until I did some much needed research. 857 more words



I am so bad at surprises! I’ve known my boyfriend for almost a year (and we decided the day we met is going to be our anniversary date), and I ordered a present for him online that arrived at work today, and I’m so excited to give it to him I’m having the hardest time not to grab my phone to message him saying that I have a surprise, to then say what it is as well! 269 more words