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Need Help Understanding the Numbers on Food Labelling in Australia?

Ever wondered why so many packet foods have lots of numbers in the ingredients list, and why you need to know about them? Are they really useful? 459 more words


Humans have always found ways to preserve their food to stop it spoiling before it can be eaten. Many of the bacteria and moulds that grow on food can be dangerous. 770 more words

9,000 Larvae Later...

Jaclyn Caruso, Salem State University

Findings: In my previous post, I talked about how counting larval stages and measuring their skeletons could help us determine the lethal and sublethal effects of preservatives used in cosmetics and other personal care products on development. 394 more words

My food history # 7 - food sensitivities - my shattered ideal of a healthy diet

Shattered ideals

After my father had a heart attack, our family diet changed to avoidance of fatty red meat, full-fat milk and butter to one including more fish, chicken and vegetable oils. 1,023 more words

My Food History

Are food colorings and preservatives dangerous for children?

Researchers and doctors say that there are new health concerns that food coloring are preservatives are putting kids’ health at risk. Some preservatives include:

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The Night Of Alien Judgement

Judge Emma Bulbous, July 21, Twilight Force Mission Day 202…

Awakening in this bleak, dark chamber. Where are my kids?

I’m standing, but effortlessly, hanging in place but without the pull of anything holding me up! 512 more words

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