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This Guy Knows Everything about Gardening and Food Preservation

Whoa! I found this blog  while trying to figure out what to do with the massive volume of collards I only harvested to stop them from shading out other plants. 486 more words

Back to It

I took 2 days off from canning as I had exhausted myself pretty much with what I have done the past couple of weeks. My son went back to school yesterday, but I think he left his cold with me. 393 more words


The State of the Garden Part One

So as you can see from the video, the French Biointensive Organic Raised Bed Garden is doing very well. September weather is taking a bit of a toll on the foiliage, but the production continues to be quite high. 424 more words


What We Got from Our 25 Butchered Chickens

These birds were smaller than traditional meat birds. We will be letting the rest grow longer since none of them are crowing yet. But for the size that they were, I think we did pretty well. 436 more words


The Garden is Going Nuts

I am doing a lot of preserving, almost every day at this point. I brought in 3 buckets of tomatoes today and a couple quarts of green beans. 668 more words


Carrot Harvest and Garden Updates

We had pretty good results on our Little Finger carrots and the tomato harvest continues to be very good.

After a major wind storm last week the garden is starting to recover from the damages. 372 more words


Red plum, lime and coriander chutney

I’m not much of a jam maker but I do LOVE a home made chutney or pickle. They always beat a commercially made version hands down. 472 more words