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Complete Guide to Home Canning: useful, thorough, and free!

Occasionally the government does something rather useful.  The National Center for Home Food Preservation is one of those useful things resulting from a partnership between the county extension at the University of Georgia and the United States Department of Agriculture.   161 more words


Preserving the harvest: making and canning mock "apple" pie filling using your overgrown zucchini.

Psst…hey you, you wanna buy a zucchini?  I can get you a great deal on half a ton! ;)

My zucchini vines overfloweth…

Now I like zucchini and will happily eat it sauteed with garlic, onions, and tomatoes every night.   593 more words

Pesto & Compound Butters..oh my!

Well, would ya look at that…only a mere three+ months since my last post!  Shame on me!  Real Estate has been keeping me busy, which is very good thing!   703 more words


Started canning for the Year

The meat chicks are getting bigger every day. Considering how many recalls there have been on chicken products lately I am really glad I am raising my own. 442 more words


Dehydrating Calendula and Infusing Oils

I have had enough calendula flowers to start dehydrating the petals and to start infusing oils for eventual salve making. The process is fairly simple and it took me 6 trays worth of calendula petals to fill one pint jar. 461 more words


Preserving the Harvest :: Freezing


Of all the ways to preserve food, freezing is probably my favorite. It’s a great way to preserve the nutrients of fresh food for an extended period of time, leaving one with lots of meal ideas. 954 more words


Preserving the Harvest: Strawberry Style Part 1

Today  Saturday was a full day of feeling like I either live back a hundred years ago… Or am Amish:-)

Either way…. I love my life on the farm! 696 more words

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