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Loquat Seeds and Canning Salsa

While we wait for the baby to arrive we aren’t heading to the block much. So over the last few weeks we haven’t been getting to do much homsteady stuff. 692 more words

General Updates/Thoughts

Dandelion: Not just a weed folks!

Most people see Dandelion flowers and completely lose it. It’s annoying and in their yard, EVERYTHING must be immaculate, no dandelions aloud!!! Uh… Obviously, this isn’t me and I’ve never been the “immaculate” yard keeper anyhow… I live on a farm/homestead. 582 more words


A Few Days Canning

With Shanelle due in the next few weeks we’re trying to put as many easy meals away as possible, with that in mind we’ve spent the last few days preserving whats in the garden for later as well as freezing some meals. 340 more words

Preserving The Harvest

Pressure Canning Rabbit Stew

A couple of weeks ago our canner was delivered and we have finally had time to do our first batch of canning with it.

Our canner is a presto 21l, it as well as a lot of jars were on special for Christmas so we ended up with it, 1 dozen half pint, 2 dozen pint and 6 quart jars for $230 with free delivery, not a bad start to our pressure canning journey. 199 more words

Preserving The Harvest

Sorghum Days aka SqueezeStalk 2016

Where did this idea come from? Well, I was trying to think of ways to produce my own sugar on the homestead and I figured the easiest way to do that was grow sugarcane. 961 more words


Jay's Orchard

This year one of our apple trees was laden with fruit, the apples were like Cox’s and very delicious. Many made it into my jellies & chutneys, even more in my tummy and that of Dave the sheep.

Country Market

Toast and Marmalade

One of my Christmas presents was Vivien Lloyd’s book First Preserves. I was lucky to take part in one of Vivien’s courses at Denman college in October and although I’d already made plenty of jams and jellies throughout the summer I learnt so much from the course. 425 more words

Country Market