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Summer Soup 2019: proof we really are nuts

The family made our annual Summer Soup on Sunday. 

I think we definitively proved we have no self-control when it comes to gardening or cooking. In spite of me reducing my garden area this year, and despite the knowledge that our son is leaving home in a week (and won’t be around to eat this year’s soup), we managed to make even more than usual. 235 more words


Lemon & lime marmalade

Like many fellow gardeners, I have a love of cooking and especially creating jams, preserves, salsas and chutneys. I love the act of combining a few fresh ingredients with some sugar, vinegar or oil and turning them into something completely different which can be stored away and enjoyed weeks or even months down the line. 1,079 more words

February: I Am Delicious Yellow, Part II

Continuing on my somewhat ridiculous theme, tonight I’m talking about the basics of water bath canning and making marmalade.

Even if you don’t dig the whole urban crofting thing; even if you don’t like the feel of dirt in your hands and could care less about making soap or spinning wool, or hearing me get on my high horse about sustainable living (never mind the fact that you’re probably reading the wrong blog), just about everyone can get behind homemade gooey delicious preserved fruit. 1,153 more words


February: I Am Delicious Yellow, Part I

I know I said that I’d be talking about building raised beds, but our Northwest early spring turned into a wintry flurry of rain, wind, ice, and snow. 573 more words


Raspberry vinegar

There was a time, not so long ago, when raspberry vinegar was dismissed – along with Abegail’s Party and prawn cocktail – as a relic of the seventies, best forgotten as soon as possible – however it’s swung back into fashion in the last few years. 482 more words


Fruit and cordials

Yesterday I noticed that birds were eating nectarines on one of the trees. Some of these are a little ripe, most are still hard – but I decided to pick them all. 163 more words

Fruit Trees


I grew 2 types of parsley last year. They were both a bit slow to start and I was worried they wouldn’t germinate because the seeds were pretty old. 547 more words