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Salt: Magic in the Kitchen Part III

Salt: noun \ ˈsȯlt \ an ingredient that gives savor, piquancy, or zest.
Merriam Webster

Salt is an essential ingredient in the kitchen.  No cook or chef should be without it, even if you are on a ‘salt free’ diet you will need a modicum of it somehow incorporated into your diet.  951 more words


How to Make Medlar (or Quince or Crab Apple) Jelly

Last post I told you all about the overlooked fruit the medlar (or openarse). It’s a tricky one as it can’t just be picked and eaten like most dessert fruits. 984 more words


People Cling To Old Ways Even As Times Have To Change

I keep looking around my own hometown of Portland in my home state of Maine and keep seeing how we keep clinging to the past even as we are hurtling towards the future. 581 more words


Ice Water Pickles

This recipe has been a long time coming.

I had watched my mother make these several times over the years at our our childhood home, taking copious notes and asking lots of questions but the process never stuck.  1,637 more words


Take your pickle

There is a shelf in our fridge that David Attenborough should investigate. Here, behind the inconspicuous looking cheese, the vivid bright colours of the chilli sauce bottle and the jar of ancient miso lie unexplained phenomena. 857 more words


Raspberry jam

Jams can be extremely simple. They don’t *need* things like powdered or liquid pectin. Instead how about using a Granny Smith apple, which are loaded with pectin. 68 more words


'Tis the Season

And So It Begins…

We’ve been watching the berries for weeks, and the signs have been promising. The gooseberry bushes are dripping with fruit. The currants, too, promise a good harvest. 136 more words