Hope springs eternal 80 years after Brewster Homes ground breaking

Eight decades ago, a caravan of four vehicles motored from city hall downtown to the Hastings-Benton Street area. Passengers included Mayor Frank Couzens, Common Council members, and one very special guest: First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. 1,074 more words


The Social Security Act Turns Eighty Today: A Wolfsonian-FIU Library Reflection

Today marks the eightieth anniversary of the signing by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935. To mark the occasion, today’s blog post will consider the origins and history of that federal program that has benefited many millions of Americans over the span of eight decades. 1,156 more words

Great Depression


It was an English author Wilkie Collins who, in 1870 first proposed that world peace would only be achieved when man created “a destructive agent so terrible that men’s fears of annihilation will force them to keep the peace”. 1,830 more words

"Amelia Earhart and the Morgenthau Connection": What did FDR's treasury secretary really know?

The late Rollin C. Reineck was a war hero, retired Air Force colonel and a longtime member of the Amelia Earhart Society, whose passion for Earhart research often produced interesting, informative pieces, one of which you are about to read. 3,947 more words

"This is How We Live"

Public art is fairly commonplace in many parts of D.C., and as I have been able to see during my bike rides, it has become even more prevalent over the past few years. 373 more words


Another Dictator, Another Film, Another Era

Were we a more principled people in 1940? Or were we braver back then?

I’m trying to figure out why it’s so hard to release a film ( 441 more words

"If only I had a back to rub now..."

Saturday, Nov. 14, 1942

My father actually boarded the train today but I’ll finish up his long letter:

“Well, Liebchin.. Here it is sometime after midnight and instead of sleeping like a good boy, I’m sneaking an extra page in… I did eat that 10 PM supper after all – Roast beef with gooey cake and coffee – Boy, all that excitement over the second front—– I could cry—I missed Roosevelt’s speech in French – I was so disappointed – I wanted to hear it in the worst way but I was busy at the time—I hope it’s repeated…Humpf! 113 more words

World War II