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Watching history unfold

Wednesday was a historic day for the EU Parliament! I was lucky enough to be able to watch Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande address the parliamentary members and advocate for a united solution to the current migrant crisis. 193 more words

We need France's assistance to defeat Boko Haram- Buhari

Nigeria’s determination to rout out
insurgency has got boosted by a commitment by French government to support the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) with intelligence gathering… 601 more words

Avalanche de réfugiés économiques."L’avalanche de bons sentiments ne fait pas une politique, encore moins un budget".

Il s’appelle Mohamed Diallo. Il est en France depuis quinze ans, a des papiers en règle. Il travaille. Sa femme travaille. Leurs enfants toujours tirés à quatre épingles vont à l’école où ils sont plutôt bons élèves. 679 more words

French Train Terror: Reason Goes Off The Rails


After the 22nd August’s foiled Islamist attack on a train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris, it is proven that ballsy citizens are the best way to combat terrorism, not panic-prone government policy.  760 more words

Aleksander Skarlatos

Conseil dans l'Espérance du Roi. Bâtiments Mistral de projection et commandement (BPC). Autant en emporte le vent.

Hollande et Le Drian ont menti !

La facture du remboursement du refus de vendre deux bâtiments Mistral à la Russie était déjà salée puisque le gouvernement annonçait environ 1,2 milliards d’euros (Lire « Le Mistral s’est levé » :  31 more words

Limites De La République

The boats of wars : French Mistrals everywhere but Russia.

That’s right boats of wars, twice plural and not warships because I just returned to blogging news from a short vacation with the son and what had to be treated from my absence could not be better chain-linked together than through those two boats in Saint-Nazaire. 2,437 more words


An unproductive afternoon

Keith Hudson

Norbert Rottgen said yesterday it would “break his heart” if Britain left the European Union.  Others have said much the same — President Hollande only a few days ago when he visited David Cameron at Chequers (the government’s countryside . 239 more words