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Border agent says 14 y/o in Maryland would not have been raped by illegal alien 'if we had done our job'

(NationalSentinel) Border Security: National Border Council President Brandon Judd had some blunt words for a Senate panel on Wednesday, but you can bet real money that his words fell on many deaf ears in a chamber rife with open-border advocates and corporations funding their campaigns. 359 more words

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House Republicans, short of votes, withdraw health care bill

‘Living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future’

After seven years of vowing to kill Obamacare, House Republicans on Friday abruptly withdrew their bill to repeal and replace the current health care law after determining they did not have enough support within their own party to pass it. 699 more words


Report: NSA set to provide 'smoking gun' proof Obama spied on Trump

(NationalSentinelPolitical Intrigue: The National Security Agency is set to provide “smoking gun” evidence that President Obama, in his final months in office, authorized intelligence agencies to spy on the campaign of then-GOP nominee Donald J. 591 more words

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Did Obama Set Trump Up for Failure in Asia?

Donald Trump is encountering a fusillade of criticism alleging that his approach to Asia is creating a vacuum that will be eagerly filled by Beijing.  But those making this argument would be much more honest if they acknowledged that part of the blame lies with Trump’s predecessor as well. 1,176 more words

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Illinois House Rejects Bill to Create State Holiday for Obama's Birthday

The state of Illinois is in the middle of a budget crisis, and the State House naturally considered an incredibly important proposal that ended up falling short by only six votes: making former President Barack Obama’s birthday a state holiday. 224 more words


Evil Is easy (Part 2)

Wall Street, the too-big-to-fail-banks, and the financial industry control our lives for the worse.

How did this come to pass?

From the New Deal up until the 80’s finance was heavily regulated, staid, boring even. 686 more words


Supreme Court strikes down another unconstitutional appointment by Obama

(NationalSentinel) Supreme Court: Though he is no longer serving as president, one-time “constitutional law lecturer” Barack Obama’s record of subverting the nation’s founding document continued this week, as the U.S. 355 more words

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