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Should Caitlyn Jenner be Donald Trump’s Vice President?

On the surface, the pairing seems improbable if not impossible. What, if anything, do they have in common? They appear to share little except their celebrity status. 5,836 more words


May 29, 2016 | Dream Journal | The United States Secret Service + Princes + Dashie (Charlie Guzman) = ?

The first two parts were possibly part of the same dream from last night but I am not sure, and so I will type them as two separate dreams. 1,383 more words


Why I Will Vote In An Election That Nobody Wants

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” Abraham Lincoln… 378 more words


Hillary For Prison 2016: The Indictment Looms

THE PROSPECT of POTUS fancy Hillary Clinton finally ending up where she belongs — in gaol — has drawn nearer, with a key report slamming her misuse of classified material on a private email server. 979 more words

Check Out The Obama's $5 Million Post-Presidency Mansion

While America is planning ahead to the next President, the first family has reportedly found the home they’ll move into once President Obama wraps-up his presidency. 123 more words


Want To Write In "Dr. Jill Stein" For POTUS...State By State Rules.

Did you know only 43 states allow write in candidate votes to actually be counted?

From a blogger friend of mine, Ms. JoAnn Chateau ….hipped me up on write in voting…. 2,183 more words


With Sean Penn's Help, Venezuela Finally Achieves Utopian Socialist Paradise

The country is poised between chaos and dictatorship

“THIS government is going to fall!” chanted hundreds of protesters alongside the Avenida Libertador in central Caracas. Staring them down were ranks of security forces—from the police, the national guard and the feared, black-uniformed SEBIN (secret police)—charged with making sure that does not happen. 596 more words