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Three Days Three Quotes 🙂 #Day03

I have been recently nominated for “Three Day Quote challenge” by  the wonderful person , aguycalledbloke please give his blogs a visit… totally worth the visit. 14 more words


Time’s up

“I am small. So are stars from a distance. It’s all a matter of perspective.” ― C. Kennedy, Slaying Isidore’s Dragons Accusations, I have heard many insults you have hurled some You hav…

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The windows gave no warning Of the madness kept inside She walked in silence, mourning Searching for the soul who died Wandering about, unknowing She was quite simply an aberration A mind filled wi… 6 more words


I Love Negro Women

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Love Life. Respect Death.

Life is precious Why? It ends just in a second. Love is priceless Why? It comes from nothing to give life. Death is not a threat Why? 19 more words


The Oath

Her eyes were flooded with tears as she had lost her childhood years. Adolescence welcomed her with a smile to transform that cute girl into a nubile young lady. 11 more words