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It's Debate Night

The night we have all anticipated has come.

The Presidential debate came in all of its glory, and it was just as entertaining as everyone thought it would be. 585 more words


...make a strong argument

It’s here, crusaders, the first round of the final showdowns before the 2016 Presidential Election… 187 more words


DESIGNATED SURVIVOR - Intriguing new TV show

I just saw the TV show Designated Survivor. It stars Kiefer Sutherland as the mid-level politician who becomes the US President because of an attack which kills all the others before him in the line of succession. 214 more words

A government of our peers

The foundation of American democracy is the belief that, when a government is not working, citizens have the right to change their government. The time has come to consider such a change. 712 more words

American Politics

Pernicious personalities: The real threat of narcissistic leadership

Personality traits are often somewhat ambiguous. While it’s good to be agreeable, it’s not good to be TOO agreeable. While it’s good to be conscientious, you can be so conscientious that you never eat that piece of cake or splurge on that great meal. 684 more words

Social Psychology

Cool Cal: An Electroswing Playlist for the 30th President of the United States

Calvin Coolidge, president for the majority of the Roarin’ Twenties, was well known for his penchant for silence. When he did speak, it was often to deliver cutting wit and dry humor.  84 more words


A voter's open letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton,

Let me be clear from the beginning that I am not a “Trumper,” nor a conspiracy theorist, and if there is anyone in my life who considers me deplorable, I would like to apologize for whatever has occurred to lead them to that conclusion.   799 more words

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