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I'm not #feelingthebern

At this point, being the liberal minded Jewish girl born and raised in the NYC suburbs that I am…. I’d probably consider myself a Democrat if forced to choose. 607 more words

Get To Know the American Presidents

President’s Day is a Federal holiday honoring our presidents.  Special attention often is paid to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Let’s use this perennial day to talk about a few modern day caretakers of the Oval Office. 592 more words


February 9, 2016 | Dream Journal

I can only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I had more dreams and there was a lot more to this dream, but the longness and the many details probably led to me almost forgetting every thing as my mind focused more on the end of the dream. 1,351 more words

Dream Journal

If Job Interviews were like Elections

By David Michael Newstead.

I wrote this in 2012, but I think it still applies four years later. Enjoy!

Interviewer: So, how’d you hear about our company? 664 more words


Decisions Decisions 2016

I am a Democrat and as a person who leans to the left I am struggling with whom to support for my party’s nomination. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in primary season trying to win the number of delegates to advance to face whoever the GOP is going to put up and that race is looking like a battle royale. 77 more words

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Obama addresses cultural attitudes around Muslims

Over his two terms, President Obama has recognized the Sikh community (and seems comfortable in doing so) perhaps more than any other US president in history. 393 more words

Civil Rights