The Kagame Quagmire, or is he different?

The Kagame Quagmire, or Is he different?

By Bunmi Makinwa

With his “I can only accept” end of year address, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame opened a new chapter in the “third term” discussion. 1,261 more words

African Politics

Rwanda's Tour de Farce | TakePart

A bicycle race designed to trumpet the country’s recovery from genocide shows what has been sacrificed in the name of stability.

Source: Rwanda’s Tour de Farce | TakePart


Rwandans Vote Overwhelmingly To Give President Kagame Extra Term

Rwanda has overwhelmingly voted to change the constitution to allow President Paul Kagame to potentially rule until 2034, election officials said Saturday citing nationwide referendum results. 532 more words

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DR Congo's Joseph Kabila is taking a slippery path to a third term

The Democratic Republic of Congo is renowned for its wealth in natural resources such as copper, cobalt and gold but the country has a crippling scarcity of at least one commodity: trust in the Congolese president. 626 more words

Rwanda is in a dispute over how it measures poverty

Rwanda has refuted allegations it manipulated national statistics to make it seem the country’s poverty rate is being reduced when in fact poverty is on the rise as claimed in a… 575 more words

Rwandan President Kagame speaks at The St.Gallen Symposium, May 2015

May 17, 2015

Rwandan President Kagame speaks at The St.Gallen Symposium–Small is Beautiful

President Paul Kagame (/kəˈɡɑːm 604 more words