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Shocking News:This Is It! A Four Page Memo Has Been Released To The Congress On Illegal Surveillance By The DOJ And FBI/ The Earthquake Is Upon Us/ President Trump Will Be Proven Right Again

It’s ironic in my post yesterday I wrote of the fact that the American people are close to finding out the collusion of the FBI and Obama’s DOJ to undermine then candidate Trump from becoming president and after he became president to set up a Russian probe headed by Robert Mueller as special council in an attempt to remove Trump from office. 663 more words

Democrats and Palestinians Have a Common Bond

The Democrats and the Palestinians share a common thread in that neither one appears to understand President Trump or anything to do with him. Let us start with the Democrats as apparently their phobic reactions are more easily explained. 1,652 more words


Mark Caserta: Trump tax reform a win-win for country

Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

January 19, 2018

    Let’s talk tax reform from 30,000 feet, shall we?

    I choose not to bore you with numbers. 515 more words


    'Schumer Showdown' Said Back In 2013 He Wouldn't Shutdown Government Over Immigration, Flash Forward 5 Years..

    Schumer back in 2013 saying he wouldn’t shut down the gov. over immigration.


    The Senate was expected to hold a procedural vote later Thursday night on the House-passed, one-month stopgap spending bill, known as a continuing resolution.

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    THE RESISTANCE - a joke or a tragedy

    Why is there a resistance movement in the United States? Resistance to what? Donald Trump? Republicans? Anybody who wants to work with Donald Trump, anybody who supports Donald Trump? 385 more words


    Two Republican Representatives call for making intelligence memo on the Russia investigation public

      Earlier today the House Intelligence Committee voted to make a memo related to FISA abuses available to the entire House of Representatives and then Ron DeSantis called to make this available to the public as well. 414 more words