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Thursday's​ Doors ~ Dixie "White House," (1851)

The huge tree is one of the ancient oak

trees which overshadow lumbering

mansions along this famous boulevard.

This long road follows the sandy beaches… 240 more words


Thursday Doors ~ Dixie "White House," (1851)

This was my first time of seeing a

historical marker in emerald green

with gold (brassy) toned lettering.

They’re called,

Magnolia Historic Markers.

I became very excited about this short… 128 more words


Prolonging the Agony 2 The Full Hidden History Exposed

This is the second blog about the recently published Prolonging The Agony.

In a single volume, the real History of how the First World War was deliberately prolonged to the benefit of the charlatans, profiteers, and the Secret Elite can be fully understood. 1,587 more words

Secret Elite

Concluding Thoughts And A Challenge

So many questions remain unanswered. You will have your own. Do not give up on them. An issue which needs considerable examination is Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points.” With hindsight it ranks as one of the greatest mirage’s of all time, for it never was anything more than a clever deception, the lure which the Kaiser and his advisors swallowed. 1,442 more words

Secret Elite

Which American Presidents Served In World War I?

In combat? Only one.

However, five U.S. Presidents were in the military or military leadership during the World War I years, and we wanted to note their service, highlighting leadership (or rising leadership) during this semi-forgotten conflict. 752 more words


War Without End 8: The Old Order Changeth

The Treaty of Versailles, signed eventually on 28 June 1919, was uncompromising. Its legacy reaped a bitter harvest. Germany lost nearly one seventh of its territory and one tenth of its population. 1,365 more words

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