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Donald Trump E-male Two Shawn Spicer: Have You Herd About the Fake Knews?

President Trump Proclaimed his plan to help pour minors return to work.  That was a Tweet that  seamed to be farely uncontroversial.  We can only imagine what his e-male to Shawn Spicer looked like! 417 more words

Poll: Plurality Believe Trump ‘Will Bring Right Kind of Change’

Story at Breitbart

ㅤ”According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 41% of Americans believe that Trump, who promised voters that he would drain the D.C. 60 more words


California Assembly leader shelves single-payer health plan

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The prospects of a government-run health care system in California dimmed Friday when the leader of the state Assembly announced he doesn’t plan to take up the single-payer bill this year. 396 more words

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Options for Supreme Court on Trump travel ban

Story at ABC News

ㅤ”With the votes of five justices, the court could agree to the administration’s request to immediately reinstate the travel ban, which Trump has said would go into effect 72 hours after a favorable court ruling.ㅤ​The administration has said the revised travel ban Trump issued in March would avoid the chaos and confusion at airports that followed the initial travel order in January.ㅤ​That’s because the new policy does not apply to people already in the U.S. 21 more words


Trump to Call for U.S. ‘Dominance’ in Global Energy Production

Story at Bloomberg

“With ‘Energy Week,’ Trump is returning to familiar territory — and to the coal, oil, and gas industries on which he’s already lavished attention.ㅤ​Trump’s first major policy speech on the campaign trail, delivered in the oil drilling hotbed of North Dakota in 2016, focused on his plans for unleashing domestic energy production.ㅤ​The issue has also been a major focus during Trump’s first five months in office, as he set in motion the reversal of an array of Obama-era policies that discourage both the production and consumption of fossil fuels.”

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The Sunday Dog: Follow the Bouncing Bingo Balls

Visit a local V.F.W., church basement, or lodge on a Friday night, and the bingo players line up early for their favorite seats. Noticeable in the quiet wait before the caller plucks the first numbered ball, is the grumbling. 802 more words