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In the forefront of my mind…

Let’s face this thing head on. Don’t keep your head in the sand, buried, because you can’t see beyond the bubble of your existence. 468 more words


MakerBot's CEO resigns, President appointed to lead desktop 3D printing division of Stratasys

3D printing company MakerBot have announced that their CEO, Jonathan Jaglom, has stepped down. Company President Nadav Goshen will take  Ameican 3D Supply is a US 3D printer filament and accessories supplier devoted to improving 3D printing through providing premium Read More The post MakerBot s CEO resigns, President appointed to lead desktop 3D printing division of Stratasys appeared first on American 3D Supply. 63 more words

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Xi says world needs China, US to have stable relationship

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

BEIJING: The world needs China and the United States to have a stable and cooperative relationship, Chinese President Xi Jinping told U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, just days before new uncertainty looms with Donald Trump taking office as president. 240 more words

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren refuses to call Trump a 'legitimate president'

Warren told reporters with the Boston Globe that

Speaking to reporters with the Boston Globe, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts would not directly answer questions about whether she see’s President-elect Trump as a legitimately elected president. 158 more words


Stop Defining Me, By Who I Voted For

I try to keep my mouth shut when I see opposing views in politics in Facebook. But, sometimes I like to insert how I feel about a position, while at the same time not cutting down how any one else feels about the current state of affairs.  1,459 more words

Edmonton women preparing to protest in Washington

Washington, D.C. is a long way to go to protest an election in a foreign country. But on Saturday, Michelle Brewer can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be. 650 more words





Early in December 2016 I decided that I wanted to go to Washington D.C. to walk in the Women’s March. I think that after Trump won, like most, I was stunned, sad, and speechless. 2,333 more words