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What Marianne Williamson, Presidential Candidate, Believes About Jesus Christ

A Christian apologist who once believed in New Age spirituality criticized Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson’s teachings about Jesus Christ.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel Wednesday, Steven Bancarz — whose story of leaving the occult and turning to Christ was reported on by… 333 more words

US: What Ronald Reagan Can Teach Us About How an … Absent-Minded Joe Biden Might Handle Being President

Joe Biden is not entirely on top of things lately. Whether because of age-related mental lapses or a more characterologically fundamental indifference to detail, he has in recent weeks asserted his health care plan involves $1,000 copays (it’s actually $1,000 deductibles), instructed debate viewers to “go to Joe … 3-0 … 3 … 3-0 help me in this fight” (he meant “text the word  74 more words


Mayor Bill de Blasio Still Won’t Say If The Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Should Be Fired

Refusing to say if the cop who killed Eric Garner should be fired clearly will not help Bill de Blasio with Black voters in his run for president.

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Who is Andrew Yang, Really? Check out Venture for America's pilot podcast which interviews Andrew Yang in detail!

In case you’re wondering who is Andrew Yang still, through a YouTube video I watched earlier I found a link to a Venture for America’s pilot podcast which interviewed Andrew Yang in detail about how he ditched his corporate lawyer job for becoming an entrepreneur. 150 more words

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Kamala Harris Proposes Bill To Invest In Safe Drinking Water

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Kamala Harris is introducing legislation designed to ensure all Americans, particularly those in at-risk communities, have access to safe, affordable drinking water, the latest response to burgeoning water crises across the country. 421 more words

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Socialist Senator (and presidential candidate) Bernie Sanders gets a taste of Capitalism

But does he recognize it?   I’m guessing probably not.  This situation is the epitome of a capitalist tradeoff.  His campaign staff is unionized.  He went along with it, because he has to, as a “democratic socialist”.   216 more words


Peter Thiel Says Elizabeth Warren Is "Most Dangerous" Democratic Candidate

Peter Thiel rarely gives interviews, so when he does decide to answer a few questions from journalists, the media will pay rapt attention to what the notoriously conservative and Trump-supporting Silicon Valley expat has to say. 121 more words