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Another Day…Another Nail

There’s an old saying that aptly describes what we witnessed as the coronation of our latest Federal Czar occured- When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. 816 more words

Presidential Election 2012

The Awakening...

I’m writing today freshly provoked after forcing myself to seek out and watch the horrifying video of the grisly fanatical public murder of the journalist James Foley at the hands of a British National ISIS Jihadist in the name of Islam.   2,753 more words

Presidential Election 2012

President's Day Reflection

Today is the American federal holiday known as President’s Day.  While the only real way in which most of us will be affected is that our garbage cans won’t be picked up and will have to sit overnight again, this holiday brought a landmark event for many of us who have taken on the personal responsibility of working to reclaim our freedom from a lawless government which ignores the American Constitution.   679 more words

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I'm A Scorpion...

News Flash- A politician’s  behavior is as predictable as the sun rising each morning.  Nevertheless, it is dumbfounding that most folks are surprised to discover a politician has duped them. 907 more words

Presidential Election 2012

Mitt Romney comes through as genuine family man in new documentary

One of the preconditions to filming behind the scenes of Willard Mitt Romney’s life during his two presidential campaigns was that the documentary content could not be released until after the 2012 election. 935 more words

Thanks For Coming- Now Leave In An Orderly Manner

A collision occurred this morning between fond thoughts of our family trip to Italy this past Christmas, and the fine print of the GOP blueprint for immigration reform released yesterday. 637 more words

Presidential Election 2012

The End Result Of Obama Care: The Democrats Will Feel Sorry

We must never forget that the Democrats passed Obama Care by using an abuse of power. The abuse of power comes into play because they had the majority in Congress they established all the rules without any Republican input. 632 more words