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Protest and Unity

Dear Readers,

I’m stumped, again by Trump.

Don’t we have free speech in the United States?

Should athletes who kneel to protest violence be threatened with being fired or suspended as the chief occupant of the White House has urged? 301 more words

NFL may not be able to get up after taking a knee

Is this the hill the NFL wants to die on?

Disrespecting most of its fan base by protesting during the National Anthem, could be seen as kneeing the American people in the groin. 169 more words

100k and a powerful ad channel can change the world

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Russian agents spent $100,000 to buy ads on Facebook which likely played a major part in changing the future of the United States and of the World. 202 more words

Business Growth

Kremlin says not involved in Russia-linked Facebook ads


© AFP/File | Facebook has agreed to hand over all information about Russian-linked ads on its site the US Congress

MOSCOW (AFP) – The Kremlin on Friday distanced itself from the controversy over Russia-linked Facebook ads which may have influenced last year’s US election, saying Moscow had nothing to do with them. 235 more words

Dissecting Hillary Clinton's New Book

Hillary Clinton was poised to become the first female President in the history of the United States. And then, she didn’t. Most of the nation was shocked and even after almost a year, a lot of her supporters are still trying to come to terms with her defeat. 1,162 more words


Facebook and Twitter play bigger role in Congressional election-hacking probe

As Congressional investigations into Russia’s role in manipulating the election for U.S. president deepens, tech companies are assuming a more central role in the inquiries. Both Twitter and Facebook are stepping up their efforts to cooperate with Congressional investigations into Russian interference with last year’s presidential election. 695 more words


How a Russian Outlet Sought to Reach American Voters on Twitter

Before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had even wrapped up their respective bids to secure the nomination for president, Kremlin-funded media outlet RT was plotting to promote its election coverage in the United States, Foreign Policy has learned. 768 more words