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Mueller, Horowitz to provide 1-2 punch on spying operation

Just as newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr is getting acquainted again with his Department of Justice office, we get news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s years long report may be presented in the next week or so. 270 more words

Gray's Economy

Republicans Tend to Win the Presidency When Democrats Field an Old Candidate, 2020 Market Impacts Will Be Significant

Markets are obviously impacted by national politics. Never has this more been the case for the United States than since President Trump was elected to office. 471 more words

Domestic Policy

Bernie Sanders Announced 2020 Presidential Run!

On Tuesday, February 19th, 2019, Senator Bernie Sanders, announced that he will be running for President in 2020!

If you recall, Sanders attempted to run in the 2016 Presidential election and sadly lost his race to Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton. 431 more words



It’s not the glee at finally being rid of Bush or anyone like him that I remember about the day after the election, nor was it celebrating that the same America who elected George W. 522 more words

Dear Redacted

Critical Failures

Even as a child, I never understood how George W. Bush won a second term. Perhaps the explanation was as simple as my likely reason for going against Gore, that John Kerry was so frightfully boring that Bush managed to come off as the more charismatic of the two. 141 more words

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Some thoughts on the second presidential debate

That night, Jokowi looked surprisingly convincing. Despite his repeated stutters, he looked confident and composed. His talking points seemed to have been well prepared; his plans sounded concrete, his promises, though not ideal, mostly reasonable. 711 more words