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Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Whenever we hear the name Hilary Clinton the talk of the email scandal follows thus turning many people away however, as Former Secretary of State she has done a lot. 461 more words


Woman Ignoring Carly Fiorina in a Diner Is the Star of the NH Primary

Presidential candidates have descended on New Hampshire in advance of tomorrow’s primary, stumping in churches and coffee shops to get out the vote.

But not all Granite State residents have caught election fever. 302 more words


New Hampshire, and the importance of being second

Hi friends! Isn’t it exciting that people are finally voting? Actual election results cut through so much blather. Not to mention mow down superfluous candidates. Iowa alone winnowed out Huckabee, O’Malley, Paul & Santorum. 534 more words

This Week, Keep Your Eye on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

The conventional business news this week will be dominated by earnings, as a raft of high-profile companies report. But the week’s most important news for business leaders may not be found on the business pages (print or digital). 400 more words


A vote for Clinton is a vote for War

Hillary R. Clinton ran the US State Department from 2009 through 2013, overseeing the Grand Debacle in the Middle East and the collapse of US diplomacy into the trap of demanding Syria’s Assad departure or else. 70 more words

All New Jersey 2013

Trump’s Rise in New Hampshire Threatens One of GOP’s Biggest Stars

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Kelly Ayotte, the New Hampshire Republican senator, wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Come on, this is the best part!” she insisted, already suited up in a hardhat and goggles. 2,562 more words


Bill Clinton Lets Rip On Bernie Sanders

Former United States President Bill Clinton has laid into Senator Bernie Sanders, accusing the presidential hopeful of living in a “hermetically sealed box.” Bill Clinton’s comments come just after the Iowa primary, where Sanders said he and his Democratic presidential opponent came in a “virtual tie.” 328 more words

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