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Today's News & Commentary — November 26, 2015

As thousands of shoppers prepare to flock to Walmart stores tomorrow, they may be greeted by more than just rollback prices and Black Friday deals. Per… 602 more words

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Ben Carson Clarifies His “Rabid Dog” Comparison

Presidential candidate Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr, who has seen steady backlash for comparing Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs” from whom parents should protect their children, stated earlier today that his statement was misquoted. 336 more words

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Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Weird

Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Insane


R.E. Prindle


When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post I had high hopes for the paper believing that he would revolutionize the newspaper. 391 more words

R.E. Prindle

The Only Thing We Have to Fear ... are Fear-Mongers

With all the sad news of terrorist attacks in Lebanon, France and Mali, the multi-faceted wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and refugees fleeing Syria and other nations, I can’t help but think of the people living in the crossfire of war and terrorism.  600 more words


Three days in Post-Racial America.

The last three days have been more than a little crazy in post-racial America lovelies. Honestly, it is all a little overwhelming.

Let’s start here. 981 more words

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2016 Election: Too Soon to Tell

November 3 marked Election Day this year, which means there is still a little less than a year left until the 2016 Presidential Election. There has already been three Republican debates and two Democratic debates. 212 more words