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Some French voters want Barack Obama to become President of France! They are fed up with political scandals and rise of the extreme Right

A section of voters in France, opposed to the rise of the extreme right in the country, want Barack Obama to become their next President, in a wild bid to bring about a “sixth Republic” in the French presidential elections this year. 541 more words

Barack Obama

Bitcoin's rise being Fed by Yellen

US security markets took the release of the Fed minutes in stride on Wednesday as most analysis said March was on the table for a rate hike. 189 more words



Well, it’s a bit bleak for Hawaii: windy, rainy, and a 72-degree February day. An ocean away in Washington, D.C., the Senate Majority Leader has tossed the new occupant of the White House a dozen bouquets. 297 more words

Some Views on the President

It seems like the President of the United States is someone who is always being critiqued, and a lot of these viewpoints that are put out there are from media sources that do not have an extensive background in observing the presidents. 31 more words

From Russia, With Love..

Among my various ventures into activism since the election, I joined an online group where each member takes ownership of two issues. This group is based on the theory that nobody can be continuously engaged on all issues all the time. 2,315 more words

'Ecuador Awaits Final Results in Presidential Election'

The South American country awaits the final tally of the presidential elections after voting took place on Sunday.

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