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Kamala Harris

So it’s official: the Democratic Party panders for votes in any way they can even if it strays from their original morals, making them the biggest hypocrites ever. 1,554 more words


Why I am voting for the Green Party

Back when Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, I had a moral dilemma, do I vote for Biden and get Trump out of office? 808 more words


Polling and Statistics

Alan Zendell, August 12, 2020

Any statistician or analyst will tell you that statistics can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of unscrupulous people. It’s almost a cliché that any analyst worth his salt can use the same data to support multiple mutually contradictory conclusions. 679 more words


The Joy and Controversy of VP Pick Senator Kamala Harris

The good, the bad, the growth, the change, the Vice President selection.

We know her from holding Justice Kavanaugh accountable on both his law knowledge and actions on the Senate floor. 1,357 more words


Biden / Harris Ticket?

Good morning my loves! Today is Wednesday, August 12, and today’s big news is actually yesterday’s big news because I needed time to process this news. 1,503 more words


Bashing the VP Pick Threatens Your Witness. Do This Instead

Who Cares About the VP Pick

Who Is the VP Pick? Who Cares. This Is Why…🙏❤️😇

I mostly avoid the propaganda machine otherwise known as mainstream media, aka the news. 444 more words

Dr. Scott Silverii


Not gonna lie. This presidential election is a sad commentary on the American people. It is unthinkable that with all the great minds and big hearts in this country of 330 million people, these are the candidates and leaders we allowed to rise to the top. 50 more words