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Politics March 30, 2015: Obama nearly falls stumbles out of Air Force One experiences Gerald Ford moment

Obama nearly falls stumbles out of Air Force One experiences Gerald Ford moment

March 30, 2015

President Barack Obama now has something in common with a Republican president, like Gerald Ford before Obama has now been caught stumbling out of Air Force One. 11 more words

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The George Bush Symposium, Hofstra University

As I set out upon the road from Philadelphia toward Hofstra University to attend their George W. Bush Symposium, my mind wanders along familiar corridors. Having visited W’s Presidential Library recently, I listened to the familiar refrain of tired jokes – that there would be no books in the library or that several of them had not yet been colored in yet. 427 more words

The Difference between Rand Paul and Ron Paul

      Rand Paul is the U.S. Senator from Kentucky who is favored by many to win the 2016 Republican nomination for president.  He appeals to a broad range of constituents from the Tea Party to Evangelical Christians, African Americans, Gays, Independents and Democrats concerned about Civil Liberties.  767 more words

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Death By Doctor: The Assassination of James A. Garfield

On the morning of July 2nd, 1881, a slight, shifty-eyed man paced about the Baltimore & Potomac railway station with purpose, his freshly shined shoes digging furrows in the waiting room’s thick carpet. 1,081 more words

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The Legacy of Barack Obama

Thoughts on the legacy of President Barack Obama 2-16-15

The election of Barack Obama

President Obama’s legacy will be inextricably linked to the fact that he was the first African American to be elected president.  719 more words

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Why Jeb Bush is Running For President? Is it really for George P.?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. You don’t really believe that the American people are going to elect three out of the last five presidents from the same immediate family do you?   884 more words

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