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Happy 235th Birthday to the Founder of the Democratic Party: Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States, does not often receive the same attention in 21st century America compared to other historical figures, but his footprint remains evident in today’s political landscape. 482 more words

The Anarchist Assassin Who Shot and Killed a President

John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald are infamous men synonymous with presidential assassination. Leon Czolgosz, less infamous but equally dreadful, falls under the same dark and violent chapter in American history. 687 more words

Betty Ford: A Different Type of First Lady

Before Melania, Michelle, Barbara or Nancy there was Betty Ford. One of the most outspoken and popular first ladies of the 20th Century. In fact, over her husband’s brief presidency, she tended to have more favorability than him. 453 more words

54 Years Ago Today: President Kennedy is Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

November 25, 1963, is seared in the American consciousness. Millions watched from their living rooms the funeral and burial of the 35th President–gunned down just three days prior in Dallas. 250 more words

Canton, OH: The Pan-American Exposition @ the McKinley Museum

I blogged about the McKinley Museum about four and a half years ago, back when this blog was all shiny and new, and that post… 1,637 more words


November 14, 1902 Teddy Bear

Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi in November 1902, helping local authorities settle a border dispute with Louisiana. There was some downtime on the 14th, when Governor Andrew Longino invited Roosevelt and some other dignitaries on a bear hunt. 590 more words

Presidential Pets: Dogs in the Kennedy White House

President John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie loved dogs, which meant that First Kids Caroline and John-John had several furry playmates in the White House. 467 more words

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