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Exposing the corrupt reasons why "the establishment" fears Trump and Sanders?

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders?



Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. 711 more words

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Strange bedfellows: Why Trump and Cruz need each other now

Today the airwaves are full of false reports from experts telling us how the Republican National Convention might become open and might nominate a new name. 534 more words

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Before the Great Depression: President Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa, which made him the first president to be born west of the Mississippi River. Though he was orphaned at age nine, he managed to get a geology degree from Stanford University. 323 more words

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How Trump Wins?

What does Donald Trump need to do to nail down the Republican Nomination?

The last thing one would expect.


The last remaining, major piece in the Trump campaign is a successful, powerful, independent Super Political Action Committee to answer the bombardment which is only beginning.   770 more words

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In 1988 I received a call from my boss Lee Atwater. He was the campaign manager for presidential candidate, George H.W. Bush, and he had a strange request. 790 more words

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Hair and the highest office in the land

Dr. Ben Carson was never going to be President. The American people wouldn’t allow it. No way. No how. Seventeen Republican candidates began campaigns for the highest office in the land. 1,246 more words


Why the GOP Establishment still thinks they can take out Donald Trump

Yes, I know. It’s getting late. He is way ahead.

Even if he should not get all of the delegates he needs – and he will – there are many options, many deals he can make to win the others. 943 more words

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