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Pres. Harding Could Not Keep It In His Pants!

Yep that time again!  A history lesson to keep you informed and educated…..I love some history………history makes everything fun………you are welcome.

Warren G. Harding the 29th president of the United States…..served as prez 19221-1923…….he has the dubious distinction as being one of the worse presidents (yes, even worse than Obama) in our short history. 408 more words


Donald Trump? Sorry history says, "Not gonna happen."

At the moment he is soaring in the stratosphere and I hate to be a kill-joy but if history is any barometer, Donald Trump will soon be falling back down to earth. 769 more words

Presidential History

Two Gentlemen from Virginia: Surprising Facts about US Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Thomas Jefferson

The third President of the United States had a personality that was similar to George Washington’s in many ways. Like Washington, Jefferson was fond of dancing at parties and tended to be shy. 461 more words

George Washington

Jimmy Carter: He never told a lie

Jimmy Carter held a press conference today, announcing details on his growing battle with cancer.

“I will never lie to you,” Jimmy Carter said back in 1976.   808 more words

Presidential History

Mayflower Hotel

Opened in 1925, a few blocks north of the White House, The Mayflower Hotel was frequented by Presidents, J. Edgar Hoover, Gov. Spitzer and other famous and infamous characters.   91 more words

Architectural History

US Presidents in the News: President Warren G. Harding

I was planning to do my series of blog posts on the presidents in chronological order, but as President Harding’s personal affairs have been making headlines lately I decided to move him up. 440 more words

American History

John Adams: The Independent President

John Adams, like George Washington, did not enjoy his inauguration either, though for somewhat different reasons. His wife and political confidant, Abigail, was at home in Quincy, Massachusetts caring for John’s dying mother. 235 more words

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