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This post discusses two important political costs that the Electoral College imposes on America’s political system.  The first is that it periodically elects “minority” Presidents; that is, candidates who have lost the popular vote can become President.  1,378 more words

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HGov: Presidential Leadership

     The president is often viewed as the most powerful national leader in the world. However, at one time, U.S. presidents held far less power. During the 1800s, presidents acted mainly as “chief clerks.” Other than carrying out the will of Congress, they had little authority other than those powers explicitly granted by the Constitution. 257 more words

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The Next President of the United States

The biggest issue for me in the next presidential election is the economy. I do not expect the results of the November 4 election to change the course of the country during the next two years. 382 more words


Sports versus Marriage

Seems like an odd title for a post, doesn’t it? Hopefully, as you read on you will see why I chose that title.

In May of this year, I published my second novel, ‘The First Madam President’. 777 more words

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Where Are You Mr. President?

In the light of recent events in Ferguson, MO, I am wondering why the president is not going himself to see the state of affairs. 236 more words

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"Presidential Leadership Is A Moving Target": For Republicans, President Obama Shouldn’t Do Anything That Might Make Them Mad

If Ron Fournier’s goal was to generate some discussion with his new column, he succeeded. Putting aside whether readers found his thesis compelling, it’s clearly generated some chatter. 752 more words


The Federalist: Opinion: David Corbin & Matt Parks: What Should a Do Something Congress Do: Why Congress is so Dysfunctional

Hope & Change

The Federalist: Opinion: David Corbin & Matt Parks: What Should a ‘Do Something’ Congress Do?

In an era where the American people were actually crying out for something different and real that could bring the country together that was facing the most difficult economic and financial challenges since the Great Depression and I’m thinking of 2008/09, President Barack Obama gives us essentially a political slogan which is “Hope and Change”. 428 more words

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