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Management by Trickery

Management is management. High school English teachers can do that. The transition from teaching bored and distracted late adolescents to managing proudly eccentric and inappropriately inventive programmers and systems analysts, with no social skills whatsoever, was fairly easy, even if it took a few years. 3,597 more words

Donald Trump

Revenge of the Swamp People !

By: Richard H. Frank

Recently I have been asked why I blog so infrequently. My response was that I have become fed up with Washington D.C. 736 more words

Trump's Hates Government: Let Me Count the Ways

What Donald Trump as president has done is to embody the distrust and incompetence believed to exist in the federal government prior to his election by those who voted for him in 2016. 205 more words

American Domestic Affairs

HGov: Presidential Leadership

The president is often viewed as the most powerful national leader in the world. However, at one time, U.S. presidents held far less power. During the 1800s, presidents acted mainly as “chief clerks.” Other than carrying out the will of Congress, they had little authority other than those powers explicitly granted by the Constitution. 257 more words

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The President Without a Soul

Today, White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly spoke before cameras. He assured reporters that he was not going to quit his job and also that, as far as he knew, he was not about to be fired. 1,027 more words