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The Supreme Court- Chief Justice v. President

Source: John Quincy Adams

President John Quincy Adam’s claim that the office of Chief Justice is more important than that of the President “because the power of constructing the law is almost to the power of enacting it” is accurate because the Chief Justice’s role is greater than that of just an ordinary judge. 1,593 more words

A Sobering Assessment of the Current State of the Union

Trump supporters can try to argue that nothing that is going on his fault, he didn’t directly cause coronavirus, he didn’t put his knee on George Floyd’s neck. 949 more words


Dissolving Congress to Combat Corruption: Why a Short-Term Anticorruption Victory in Peru Isn’t Worth the Long-Term Cost

The “Car Wash” corruption scandal that started in Brazil has extended into surrounding Latin American countries, including Peru. All of Peru’s living presidents have been implicated in the scandal, with… 1,268 more words


Legislative Hurdles and Unintended Consequences: Potential Pitfalls of Vice President Biden's Interest in Cabinet Restructuring by Eli Nachmany

Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president in the 2020 general election, he and his team have started to think about a possible presidential transition. 3,355 more words

No Longer the Leader of the Free World

“Mr. Trump has said he took out
General Suleimani, whose forces have been responsible for the deaths of
hundreds of American troops over the years, not to start a war but to stop one; 814 more words


House Democrats Erode Our Democratic System

House Democrats have seriously damaged our democracy. Their relentless pursuit of dubious charges against the president has created a constitutional crisis. House actions to this point have blurred the lines of power between the three major branches of our government. 477 more words

2020 Election

The Potential Consequences of a Kangaroo Court of Acquittal

“In the letter, Mr. Schumer proposed a trial beginning Jan. 7 that would give each side a fixed amount of time to present its case, and called for four top White House officials who have not previously testified — including Mick Mulvaney, Mr. 540 more words