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David & Tamela Mann On Making Their Marriage A Priority [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

David & Tamela Mann talk about their 29-year marriage, and how they’ve managed to keep their love fresh and healthy without ever separating. They share some of the tips on what couples can do to preserve their relationships through all of the difficulties that life throws at you. 131 more words


GRIFF’s Prayer: “I’m Not Tender No More” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF checks in with God about his heart post-divorce. He thanks God for healing him, and allowing him to let go a lot of the hurt he was dealing with before. 137 more words


Q & Sharlinda Parker On How They Keep Communication Between Them Strong [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Q Parker– founding member of 112 -and his lovely wife Sharlinda Parker chatted with Maurette Brown-Clark about their program called “Couples 4:12.” They created the program in order to help couples strengthen their marriages through God’s word. 157 more words



David and Tamela Mann have been a television fixture for several years now and are not only one of the cutest couples, they also work on some of the same shows and movies. 227 more words


Love Talking: Love Can’t Last Without Friendship [EXCLUSIVE]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica & Warryn Campbell talk about how they’ve kept their love alive throughout their marriage. They go into detail about the work that love requires, especially in marriage, and break down the traditional wedding vows as an example. 109 more words

Erica Campbell

Do You Love Like Christ? 8 Scriptures To Help You Be Instantly More Loving

It seems as if nearly everyone is yelling, protesting and angry about something! Why is the world so

upset and agitated?

With all of the mean tweets, political polarization, religious dogma and brash behavior we see on… 389 more words

Praise Report

Tips On Doing Valentine’s Day The Right Way [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Valentine’s Day is this week! And for single people and couples alike, figuring out how to spend the evening is heavy on the brain. Erica Campbell… 137 more words

Erica Campbell