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The Science Debate

It’s getting to be election time again! Exciting right? Not really. For one I am dreading the words that will be tweeted over and over once the Presidential debates between hillary and trump are put into gear: 514 more words


Ericaism: It’s Easier To Love God When You Know Who He Is [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about the importance of knowing God; having a real, personal relationship with Him. She explains the difference between that and knowing… 148 more words


Race a big topic in presidential campaigning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Mississippi and called his opponent a bigot. Hillary Clinton fires back.

The issue of race, which this part of the country has struggled with for decades and decades, is now front and center of this presidential campaign. 21 more words

Seen On TV

Don't Confuse Me!

Our high-rise community participated in a neighbourhood garage sale recently, and we were all asked to donate items to the cause.  Several residents worked very hard to collect, label, and affix prices to the assorted contributions. 791 more words


The Trump campaign: a white revolt against ‘neoliberal multiculturalism’

When pressed to explain why they are backing their candidate, some of Donald Trump’s white supporters often answer with a critique – one that Trump himself articulates – in which they couple America’s multiculturalism and growing multicultural population with, for example, trade agreements like NAFTA, corporate relocation of American manufacturing jobs overseas, and business reliance on cheap immigrant labor. 1,644 more words