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"Are My Cramps God's Way of Punishing Me For Not Procreating?" and Other Questions for Mike Pence

I originally wrote this last year before the election, but never published it. I thought it might still be relevant now. 

“I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican,” Mike Pence announced last July at the RNC. 985 more words


Natural Born Alien by Will Swardstrom

This is the next short story in the Event Horizon 2017 collection of short stories highlighting authors who are eligible for the 2017 Campbell award for best new writer. 366 more words

Book Review

Presidential race, Donald Trump and future of the GOP looms over Mitt Romney’s upcoming Utah E2 Summit

In an opulent Park City ski lodge, business titans and political leaders will privately discuss the weighty challenges facing the world.

This is what Mitt Romney always envisioned his “Experts and Enthusiasts” summit would be, a place to debate and discuss American leadership, but coming just a few days after the end of the primaries, presidential politics will continue to loom over the event. 638 more words

Donald Trump And Future Of The GOP Looms Over Mitt Romney’s Upcoming Utah E2 Summit

Obama And His Inner Circle Are Pushing Deval Patrick As The 2020 Presidential Pick

The Obama team and his inner circle is pushing Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, for a 2020 presidential run, according to Politico Magazine… 245 more words


HBCU Politics Launches GoFundMe For Kamala Harris 2020 Presidential Campaign

Is it too soon to launch the 2020 presidential campaigns? After all, we have not even reached the midterm elections of 2018. The answer we already know is absolutely emphatically not. 313 more words


Dan Rather is a National Disgrace

Dan Rather is a National Disgrace

CBS is trotting out the same, tired, old, narrative spinning liberals that once had some trust with the American people and it’s landing with as much welcome — as a flat tire. 475 more words