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Huckabee Misplaces Mind; Encourages Future Presidents To Rule By Divine Right

HELENA, MONTANA – (CT&P) – During a campaign stop at a nuclear weapons supply depot in northern Montana earlier today, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee temporarily lost his mind. 292 more words


When Someone Asks You Why Being a Good Hostess Is Important...

Because it could help you be the next President of the United States, that’s why.

My personal politics aside, I have to give props to Hillary Clinton for essentially holding “house parties” all around the country in an effort to make her presidential campaign stand out. 427 more words


Presidential Politics

Brace yourselves…Here come the Presidential candidates with their posturing, not-so-subtle character assassinations, and the endless ads that you and I are paying for.  It’s like paying the electric bill before they strap you into the chair. 332 more words

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Wants to Make College Tuition-Free

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama proposed making community colleges free for all Americans, arguing that the modern economy demanded it. On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will take that idea a step further when he… 256 more words


Expect even more executive power grabs from Hillary | WashingtonExaminer.com

Obama expanded his power domestically far more than any other president in memory. His executive action on immigration is a good example of legislating from the bureaucracy by implementing policies directly contrary to existing law and anything Congress would be willing to do.

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Jeb Bush's Ted Kennedy Moment

Does Jeb Bush really want to be President?  We don’t know.  We can’t get inside of his head. Does it seem like Jeb Bush wants to be President?   380 more words


Frank Bruni: The Bitter Backdrop to 2016

New York Times — Already the polling for the presidential race is feverish, with new findings daily. Which Republican is leading in New Hampshire? How do voters feel, at any evanescent moment, about Hillary Clinton? 119 more words