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HBCU Politics Launches GoFundMe For Kamala Harris 2020 Presidential Campaign

Is it too soon to launch the 2020 presidential campaigns? After all, we have not even reached the midterm elections of 2018. The answer we already know is absolutely emphatically not. 313 more words


Dan Rather is a National Disgrace

Dan Rather is a National Disgrace

CBS is trotting out the same, tired, old, narrative spinning liberals that once had some trust with the American people and it’s landing with as much welcome — as a flat tire. 475 more words

What Was It?

So if it wasn’t an itch in your fingers to slap your neighbor down so you could remain,

And it wasn’t a desire to recapture your youth by being contrary, 153 more words


Truth Pulps Fiction

Just finished watching a documentary on Netflix about some bloke called Roger Stone. The programme was about this bloke, Roger, and another bloke he knew called Donald. 146 more words

Real World

Comey and McCabe to be arrested -- eventually.

Comey and McCabe to be arrested — eventually.

Some of my partisan Democratic friends, who hated Comey — now think Trump firing him — is a threat to American democracy. 1,745 more words

Is There a Name for This?

Patty Hearst may be a familiar name to you, but what about Yvonne Ridley?  What about Kreditbanken?  And why are they in adjacent sentences?  Stockholm syndrome. 815 more words


Documentary Chronicles the Idiosyncrasies of Indonesian Politics

The presidential candidates stepped up their rhetoric and smiling images across Indonesia, intensifying their efforts as the elections shifted from the legislative to the presidential primaries. 923 more words